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Running Python script from command line opens script in the default text editor instead of executing script
Category : Operating Systems

I have files with .py extension associated with Python interpreter. However when I type name of such a file at the command line and press ENTER the file is being opened in the default text editor (Notepad++) instead of being run with the associated Python interpreter. Why?

Z:1>where python
c:Program FilesPython2.7python.exe
Z:1>reg query

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How to configure html5boilerplate build script to get script src attributes replaced to the compressed script?
Category : Web Design

I want to use h5bp and the script builder for a php website project.

The script builder is already doing everything fine, except that it is not replacing the src attributes in my page files with the compressed versions of the script.

I already tried a lot of stuff like removing php code inside the src attribute:

<script src="<?php echo $basedir; ?&g

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How to make vim substitute <script with <script type=“…”></script>
Category : Development Tools & Services

I created the following rule:

iabbrev <lt>script <script type="text/javascript"></script>

But during launch vim says:

Error detected while processing .vimrc:
line 290:
E474: Invalid argument

Pointing on that line. And I cannot workaround this, seems like the problem is in the left part, just like "script" is a reserved word.

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Can You Embed an TCL Script in Bash Script or Python Script That's Callable by External Programs?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm writing a script to extract some useful data about a series of chemical simulations I've been running.

To get this data I need (1) a C-program that calculates the density from a file type called *.pdb. I already have (1). And (2) I need to use a program called vmd to get that pdb. In order to accomplish (2) from the command line, I can submit a tcl s

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cross site scripting using script tag ,change src of a script tag, can we use id for script tag
Category : Web Design
<!-- some html code -->
<script src='some.js'></script>
<!-- some html code -->

The script some.js loads a form.
when i press update in that form i do not submit the form instead i form a query string and want to send it as

Now i need to change the src of the sc

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How to open a script in sl4a script editor, programmatically from another script?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm new to Android python scripting with SL4A, but familliar with python.
the question I have is, How to open a script in sl4a script editor, programmatically from another script? my english is not goodenough to explain my problem, so I show it with a pseudo code:

It would be really appreciated if someone give me a hint or do help me figure it out.
thanks in advance :)

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Run bash script from another script without waiting for script to finish executing?
Category : Operating Systems

Is there any way to execute two bash scripts without the first one blocking? The following does not work:

exec ./script1.sh #this blocks!
exec ./script2.sh

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Monitor folder for new files using unix ksh shell script or perl script and trigger perl script
Category : Programming Languages

I've been Googling and Overflowing for a bit and couldn't find anything usable.

I need a script that monitors a public folder and triggers on new file creation and then moves the files to a private location.

I have a samba shared folder /exam/ple/ on unix mapped to X: on windows. On certain actions, txt files are written to the share. I want

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difference between ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(typeof(Page), Script, Script) and Page.RegisterStartupScript(Script, Script);
Category : Programming Languages

What is the difference between

ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(typeof(Page), Script, Script)


Page.RegisterStartupScript(Script, Script);

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calling batch script from a batch script without pausing the execution of parent script
Category : Programming Languages

I want to call a batch2 script from a batch1 script in special case , but dont want wait parent batch1 script to wait for completion of batch2.
Want batch1 to move to next command while batch2 run in Parallel.

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