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How to Make a Better Seal on a Mansfield Toilet Fill Valve Seal
by TRobison in Home & Garden
The Mansfield toilet fill valve uses two seal discs in the top of the valve to stop the water when the tank reaches the full mark. If your toilet is constantly running, you must make adjustments to get a better seal. There are two adjustments that you can attempt to stop the toilet from running. If the toilet is still running constantly after the adjustments, you may need to replace the Mansfield

How to Repair a Broken Seal on a Double-Seal Window
by dcutting in Home & Garden
A double-seal window has a unique design that has certain advantages over traditional windows. It features a single frame that contains two sheets of glass side by side, rather than one. The separation between these panels is a vacuumed space that provides better insulation and reduces street noise and condensation. To maintain this type of efficiency, the seal on the frame must be airtight to pre

How to Use Silicone Grease to Get a Better Seal on a Toilet Valve Seal
by dougbeal in Home & Garden
Your toilet may leak if the valve seal, also known as a flapper, isn't making a good connection with the bottom of the tank. This may seem like a small annoyance, but it will actually affect your water bill and end up costing you more money each month. The water that leaks out has to be replaced, so your water is running more than usual. Fortunately, you can strengthen the seal on your toilet valv

Sog Seal Pup Vs. Seal Pup Elite
by jaredsmiller in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The SEAL Pup and the SEAL Pup Elite are fixed blade knives manufactured by SOG Specialty Knives and Tools. They are made to withstand heavy use and the elements. Blade FeaturesThe SEAL Pup consists of AUS 6 steel and features a partially serrated edge and a powder coating. The blade length is 4.75 inches by .16 inches. Four different knives make up the SEAL Pup Elite line. The Black TiNi and Ti
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Seal Oil Uses
by Traut in Health
Seal oil, derived from blubber of adult seals and seal pups, is an increasingly popular nutritional supplement. According to a 2004 conference by the Canadian government, seal oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that may help prevent or treat several common conditions. Evidence of its efficacy, though, is limited and controversial. Harpseals.org notes that no evidence exists of seal oil's
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How to Pet a Seal
by Timur Asaliev in Travel
Seals have regular swim patterns that make them easy to swim with. They take quick breaths at the water's surface and then swim for long periods under water so most of your petting will involve your legs not your hands. Their hearts beat up to 140 beats a minute allowing blood to pump past the fresh air in the seal's lungs. They remain underwater longer than the average dolphin.Difficulty:Moderate
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How to Fix a Bad Oil Seal
by vylycyn in Cars
Changing your oil frequently is crucial to proper car maintenance. With repeated changing, however, comes wear and tear on parts. A cracked or leaking oil seal is one such instance. The oil seal prevents oil from leaking out of the engine and depleting your vehicle's oil levels. Replacing a bad seal is the only way to repair the problem. If you have experience changing your car's oil and filter, y
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What Is an ETL Seal?
by rascator in Business
Quality of products is a basic requirement customers expect. Manufacturers also have to ensure safety of the product in regular usage. Another responsibility of manufacturers is compliance to professional manufacturing standards, so that each product is identical to the last one. The product's adherence to these standards needs to be communicated to the customers and other partners like distributo
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How to Seal Car Wax
by Liy in Cars
Whether you have a new car or you want to make the most of your older vehicle, a thorough detailing inside and out will keep your ride looking its best. Taking care of the outside of your car isn't just a cosmetic issue, either. Waxing and sealing the exterior will prolong the life of your paint job, protect the finish and guard against possible rust problems. You should do this at least every cou
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How to Seal a Bar Top
by Jpark in Home & Garden
Adding a bar to your home can make a focal point in a room. Sealing a bar top properly resists moisture from condensation on glasses and repels spills and splashes without harming your wood. You may either apply stain to your bar top or leave it in the natural color of the wood. Applying polyurethane as a top coat seals the wood with a glossy, clear finish to protect your bar.Difficulty:Moderately
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