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Pre-select Select or Mult-Select options from the existing ones instead of adding and selecting a new option
Category : Programming Languages

This code retrieves and displays the customer's account information from the database and pre-selects the values matching their information.

The problem is that instead of selecting from amongst the existing Select or Mult-Select options it is adding and selecting a new option with the relevant value/s. How can I correct it so that it selects from the existing options?


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mySQL Select priority - select one row OR another (select a default or “fallback” row)
Category : Programming Languages

This should be fairly simple but it's tricky to find the right term to use when searching.

In the query below, I need to select WHERE lang='en' ONLY if WHERE lang='nl_NL' returns nothing. In other words, I want to find all records WHERE script='generic', prioritised by lang=nl_NL

SELECT * FROM international WHERE scr

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Moving options from a <select> to a <select multiple> - the option select attribute is breaking?
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to write a plugin for Prototype where a user clicks on a dropdown and it replaces it with a multi-select element. I am almost finished with it. Everything works great until a user selects what they want displayed, and submits the form to the same page. I am using PHP to keep what the user chose selected using the selected attribute of the <option> tag.

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Select max value within other select statement and display also a relevant field from the nested select
Category : Databases

I have a problem to express the next statement on mySql to return true results:

select max(alltaken)mn, b.title from
(select count(bc.taken) as alltaken, b.title
from books_clients bc
join books b on b.book_id = bc.book_id
group by b.title) as mn
join books b on b.title = mn.title

I need to return from

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Select 1 Updates Select 2, but Select 2 doesn't fire
Category : Web Design

I'm trying to have Select 1 update Select 2 and then have Select 2 fire.

Select 2 only fires when controlled directly.. I'm stumped!!


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<meta ht

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How to select in select where the inner select is a substring of return result
Category : Databases

This is beset illustrate by an example that I think should work but doesn't:

select * from TABLE_A where KEY in (
select substr(DYNAMIC_KEY,3) from TABLE_B where DYNAMIC_KEY like '$$%' and RECORD_ID='104251893783388824');

Basically, the inner select statement return a set of result which had a '$$' prefix. This is use as a lookup key in TABLE_A which d

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Inner joining to a select statement where the inner select statement's where clause references the outer select?
Category : Databases

This is a slimmed down query of my greater problem, but the gist is that I'm trying to inner join to a select where the select is limited by the outer select. Is that possible? I'm getting an error about multipart identifier S.Item and S.SerialNum on the inner select.

The gist is this, we have to group by the item/serial, and the query is big enough, we don't want to go back and

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Not Working: changing placeholder's value of input type accoring to the select value in select option
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following HTML:

<span style="margin-top: -2px;">
<select id="selectID" style="width: 150px">
<option value="customerID">Customer ID</option>
<option value="ECPDProfileID">ECPD Profile ID</option>
<input type="text" id="customerProfileID" placeholder="h

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how to autpopulate a multile select field in django multiple select widget during edit?
Category : Programming Languages

i am tying to implement the django multi select widget in my app.
It works fine. But i need some help to auto-fill the "to" select field with values from the database.
Actually i have build a jquery json object of the required data.

$.each(sport_intrested_obj, function (sport_name, obj) {
console.log(sport_name) //works fine
console.log(obj['id']) //

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In python, when using select.select on socket objects, how should I handle sockets that end up on the error list?
Category : Programming Languages
read, write, error = select.select(sockets, sockets, sockets, 60.0)

What is recommended if something ends up in the error list?

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