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eclipse 3.5: servers panel, the names of servers are in white color, so i want to change back to black
by China in Programming Languages

eclipse: servers panel, the names of servers are in white color, so i want to change back to black. how do i do it?

Listing SQL Database Servers using Get Servers request + Restful service
by negonicrac in Coding

I tried using "enumerating servers" Get Servers option in REST API.

I tried with multiple options to connect to the server. But i am either getting an error "Connection refused" or "Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.1 502 Tunnel Connection Failed" [with proxy].

I am able to perform other actions like "Get Images, Get Hosted Services ..etc" successful

How to deal with querying from multiple servers where some servers may be inactive
by Eric in Coding

I have a stored procedure that loops through a list of servers and queries their master DBs. When one of these servers is down, the stored procedure querying times out. How can I skip the querying of any inactive server, or, how can I catch the server timeout and continue to do the queries on the remaining active servers? I do have a Server table with an IsActive column, but the value is not au

How Tomcat Application Servers Connect to Database Servers
by jasonmoo in Computers
Tomcat Application Server can be viewed as an "add-on" to the Apache Web Server but is not to be confused with Apache. The two are not usually provided together, as they are installed separately, but they are designed to work interactively.
Tomcat is a component of the Apache web server software allowing the running and execution of Java programs in a Java-based environment. This permits th

Are CoffeeScript servers not as reliable as Node.js servers?
by MD. in Web Design

I took the code for my Node.js server and converted it to CoffeeScript, then I tried it on Heroku. It crashes when it receives a long JSON string, whereas the original version handles it without any problem. Is this normal?

automate: finding non-used servers from a list of servers
by JoseWalrus in Operating Systems

i have access to a few linux clusters at school. sometimes they are busy and sometimes they are not. i usually log into each machine manually, use the "top" command to see if the server is busy (to see if both cores are used). from there, i execute my program to use some servers that are free to run my computations.

what i'd like to do is to automate this process with a script.

Book: Beginners guide for Web Servers, App Servers
by Chris Woods in Development Tools & Services

I would like to know useful resources / books which will help in learning about Web Servers, App Servers and basics of web architecture as a beginner.

I am trying to learn how different servers interact with each other. How the browser sends requests to the server and server sends a response. I am interested in learning the inside flows of this process.

Blade Servers vs. Rack Servers
by Brian Drum in Computers
As you plan for server implementation, you'll need to decide what type of server is best for your situation. Two common form factors, or physical configurations, for servers are rack and blade. Your decision for implementation will be based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, cost, available space, size of organization and nature of application to be provided. Rack-mounted s

Ventrilo Servers Vs. Other Voice Servers
by CodeAndLearn in Computers
Ventrilo voice servers allow multiple users from across the globe to chat simultaneously using the company’s chat client software. Other services also exist for online gamers, conventions and other users of the communication software, and each carries its own strengths and weaknesses. Ventrilo typically competes with these companies with a few key advantages. Number of UsersVentrilo serve

Differences between .NET application servers vs. Java application servers
by Angelo Giannatos in Java

I'd like to better understand the reasons for .NET's application server model compared to that used by most Java application servers.

In most cases I've seen with ASP.NET web applications, business logic is hosted in the web server's asp.net hosts processes. Another common approach is to have a physically or logically different tier which hosts your business objects and then are ex


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