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How Long Have Shampoo Companies Been Putting Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in Shampoo?
by Jim Davis in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are additives found in most shampoos. It is a chemical which causes foaming, also known as surfactants. SLS and SLES are also found in dishwasher and laundry detergents. HistorySodium lauryl sulfate was first added to shampoos as early as 1942. Around the time, most homes were using city water. As a result, the chemical diminished gr

Ojon Shampoo Vs. Oscar Blandi Shampoo
by soup006 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Ojon and Oscar Blandi offer high-end shampoos available at salons and Sephora. Their shampoos are similarly priced and feature exotic natural ingredients to enhance volume and moisture. The primary difference between the two is that Oscar Blandi offers a wider variety. OjonThe concept behind Ojon products is based around its main ingredient: Ojon oil. According to the company website (Ojon.com)

Regular Shampoo vs. Neutralizing Shampoo
by Darin in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Regular shampooing is an essential part of keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Although there are different opinions in regards to the optimal frequency of shampooing, it is generally considered that washing your hair every other day is ideal for optimal hair health. Selecting a shampoo can be an overwhelming process, as there are countless products to choose from. Certain factors, such as your t

The Differences Between OTC Shampoo & Salon Shampoo
by ERaubenheimer in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Choosing the shampoo that is right for managing your locks can be a challenging and overwhelming task, especially when you are constantly bombarded by advertisements of hair care brands claiming to be the best. According to Consumer Search most shampoos on the market achieve similar results because they are created from the same basic ingredients, including water, cleansing and lathering agents, b

How Often Can You Shampoo Your Pet With Flea Shampoo?
by Jonathan in Pets
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The Difference Between Cat Flea Shampoo & Dog Flea Shampoo
by Mark W in Pets
Flea shampoo for dogs may be very different than flea shampoo for cats. Cats groom themselves by licking their fur. This means that whatever is put on their fur will ultimately end up being ingested. While dogs also lick or bite their fur, they generally limit their licking to wounds or other uncomfortable places. InsecticidesPyrethrins are a main component in many insecticides. Derived from th

How to Shampoo a Rug
by billputer in Home & Garden
You can shampoo most rugs at home. Before washing any rug, you must test for colorfastness.To do the job properly, there must be adequate space, a clean driveway, a garage with a clean floor or a large utility room with a drain.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Rug shampoo or laundry detergent for fine washables
Laundry or scrub brush
Garden ho
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About Car Shampoo
by luci5r in Cars
There are several different car wash products that are labeled "car shampoo." Some of these products are for washing the outside of your vehicle, and some of them are for washing the upholstery inside the car. For best results, make sure you use the appropriate product for the task. FunctionCar shampoo for the exterior of your car is designed to clean dirt and grease from your paint job while p
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How to Dry Shampoo a Dog or Cat
by OGG in Pets
Some pets, especially cats, just can't handle wet baths. Consider using a dry bath for these furry friends. An effective dry shampoo will remove odor and provide a shiny coat. Some pets even enjoy the process and won't mind the additional grooming.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Make or buy a dry shampoo. Making a shampoo is simple - use pure baking soda or pure corn starch. You may also use fl
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About Shampoo
by Andrew in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Shampoo is a hair care product that can be applied daily to hair while in the shower or bath. Although it can keep hair healthy and clean, it should be used sparingly and thoroughly rinsed out. There are many types of shampoos for different types of hair such as fine, thick, curly, and so forth. There are even specialized shampoos that can be used once a week to clarify the hair and eliminate prod
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