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C++ smart pointers: sharing pointers vs. sharing data
by yaplik in Operating Systems

In this insightful article, one of the Qt programmers tries to explain the different kinds of smart pointers Qt implements. In the beginning, he makes a distinction between sharing data and sharing the pointers themselves:

First, let’s get one thing straight:
there’s a difference between sharing
pointers and sharing data. When you
share pointers, the value

Mac Web Sharing Subdomains
by Neuromaster in Development Tools & Services

I'm using my mac's web sharing for my websute, and was wondeering if it is possible to add a subdomain to the mac web sharing...



Mac OS X web sharing and Django
by chuck1723 in Development Tools & Services

I created a web app with Django and I have it running on localhost (, my question is, how can I make it available to the world, using Mac OS X's web sharing or something?


TAGS : sharing Django

pam sharing hash
by krs in Programming Languages

I am looking at the way PAM modules are designed as guidelines for my own JAAS LoginModule. One thing that surprised me is that, although the method used to access an hashed password is mostly orthogonal to the hash method itself, I was not able to find any PAM modules that would make good use of this property. Is it because of some security issue that I overlooked, or is it simply something

TAGS : sharing hash

P2P photo sharing app
by Jaleel in Web Design

I want to implement a P2P photo sharing application.Scenario is like this:
A is online and he would like to share his photos with B. Through some server, B gets A's IP address and access A's photos directly.
Is it possible to implement using WebRTC or Websocket ? Please give me some inputs,

TAGS : photo sharing

Document Sharing App With MVC
by David Marchant in Programming Languages

I have been assigned a new task by the client, a document sharing application to be made as per MVC design pattern. Here are the requirements:

Uploads and downloads files with a browser

Store the document in db if that are more secure documents else store on the directory with options of password enabled or accessible with out password

Every user will be have

Asp.Net Cookie sharing
by flakekun in Programming Languages

This is C#.Net code:

How to share Cookie between 2 HttpWebRequest calls?


I am posting a form in first request from abc.com to xyz.com, this form contains some setting variables which are used by the system. lets say there is a input field in the form which sets the size of grid pages to be displayed in other pages.

Once i have updated the

TAGS : Cookie sharing

ASP.Net Cache sharing
by Thierry Brunet in Programming Languages

I have an ASP.Net 4.0 web application which very frequently loads data from the database and does heavy calculations on it. I want to cache this loaded and prepared data in a central cache that can be accessed by every user and computer who uses the application.

Simple use-case:

User 1 accesses webpage, cache is empty, data is loaded/calculated, data is cached
User 2 a
TAGS : Cache sharing

App sharing within the organization
by lewing in Programming Languages

How I can share my windows phone 7 app for internal sharing. Like I created on app and I want to share with company stakeholders. Or second case is I made my app for some private company and they don't want to share or publish on marketplace. They just want to use this app for within the company and organization.

Any Idea how we can share this app.

Application sharing
by futurefields in Databases

I Have a windows application made using VB.net and Mysql database. I want to install it on a Local network to be used by several users on different windows machines. How best can I do this?

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