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Get the shortest way between two point
by DevTim in Web Design

I have the following array:

{from:1, to:8},
{from:1, to:2},
{from:2, to:7},
{from:7, to:9},
{from:8, to:9}

this array is describe where does it has connection between two point. For example from 1 to 7 there is a way 1->2->7.

In JavaScript how can I generate the for example the shortest

Kth Shortest Path
by TheMoo in Development Tools & Services

Does anyone know how can I write a programming graph-algorithm (C++ code would be great) that finds the Kth shortest path for a given set of nodes and edges in a cyclic graph?

For example, the shortest path (that could be found by Dijkstra or Bellman Ford) is considered to be the 1th shortest path. Now the 2nd shortest path is the shortest one that comes after the 1st shortest path.

TAGS : Shortest Path

GIT Shortest Commands
by DSLer in Programming Languages

Im trying to figure out the git command so I dont have to keep calling whole entire URL, can anyone help me?

It was something like:

$ git remote add git@github.com:JREAM/library.git
$ git push -u origin master
$ git pull

I know that's not correct, but does anyone know the shortest way to add a repository to my git file so that I can typ

Finding shortest path with FGL
by Insomniator in Development Tools & Services

I'm using Martin Erwig's Functional Graph Library (fgl) to represent the following simple directed weighted graph.

genLNodes :: LNode String
genLNodes = zip [1..5] ["A","B","C","D","E"]
genLEdges :: LEdge Int
genLEdges = [(1,2,4),(1,3,1),(2,4,2),(3,4,2),(2,5,1),(4,5,1),
mygraph ::

Finding a shortest cycle
by igv in Web Design

Basically, I need to have a shortest path in a graph that covers all the vertex and coming back to the source, repetition of any vertex is ok so long as it is the shortest path...

My algo is starting from source, I run a dikstra algo to find the shortest path. Then I choose the smallest weighted unreached vertex and run the dikstra again as the chosen vertex as the source, I keep do

finding the shortest way to my from one airport to another
by patheems in Databases

I want to create an in-memory definition for a set of airline routes for a small airline company. I want to maintain a list of all of my planes and their current locations (or their destination location if they are currently in the air). One of the possible locations needs to be “hangar” for maintenance or repairs. I want to have the full airline schedule available so that I can look for

Algorithm for shortest bit sequence
by Franklin Henderson in Programming Languages

I am trying to solve this algorithm with the complexity of 0(logm). But, dont have any idea about the approach

In base −2, integers are represented by sequences of bits in the following way. Sequence B of N bits represents the number: sum{ B[i]*(−2)i for i = 0..N−1 }.

class Solution
public int[] base_neg2_of_int(int M);

Custom Map Shortest Path
by Denmark in Programming Languages

I have a custom map designed in Illustrator .
I need to find shortest path beetween two places in Map and i should highlight the path.The Map is designed in such a way that Roads are represented by yellow lines,Houses by Red,Grass by green,water by blue. Map size is 2000 X 3000 pixels resolution.

To find Shortest path I planned to implement A* Algorithm.

The problem

How Can I Become an Attorney in the Shortest Time?
by Brian Drum in Careers & Job Searching
The route to becoming a lawyer is long. Typically,a student needs to successfully complete an undergraduate program, while concurrently studying for law school admissions tests (LSATs) and graduate record exams (GREs), and applying and interviewing for admission slots in law schools. This usually take four years.
Once admitted to a school, the student will need another three years of law scho

How to Calculate the Shortest Wavelength
by Mike in Education
Determination of wavelength is often required in physics and chemistry exercises. In fields such as spectroscopy, it is often required to determine which wavelength, from a prospective group of light, is the shortest or longest. This often aids in determining the physical properties of matter. In some cases, such as astronomy and astrophysics, it tells relative speeds between two objects when red


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