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How to Remove a Standing Shower & Install a Bathtub/Shower Combination
by Shailja in Home & Garden
At some point, you may decide that your shower alone is not sufficient for your bathroom needs. Installing a multipiece tub and shower unit may be just what you need to start your bath remodel project. One-piece tub and shower units generally are for new construction only, because they won't fit through doorways and are too big to place in an existing bathroom. Popular tub and shower choices today

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors in a Natural Stone Shower
by pad in Home & Garden
Glass shower doors' shiny transparency elegantly displays natural stone tiles in showers. Dirty shower doors, however, detract from natural stone showers' aesthetic appeal. Soap scum buildup from creamy soaps, hard water and grime coat glass shower doors with white film, making the doors unsightly. The longer grimy buildup and soap scum stay on glass shower doors, the harder the doors become to cl

How to Install Bypass Glass Shower Doors in a Tiled Shower
by Puffnstuff in Home & Garden
Bypass shower doors help contain water for less leaking to the outside of the shower and onto the bathroom floor. The shower doors use a track that installs along the top of the tub and against the outer edges of the shower walls. When you're installing on a tile shower wall, the main concern is breaking or damaging the tiles when you make the screw holes. Following proper installation procedures

How to Attach a Shower Base to a Cast Iron Shower Drain
by jrf in Home & Garden
If you install a shower base in your bathroom, you have to connect the shower base to a drain before connecting it to your home's drain pipe. Whether you have a steel or cast iron drain, the process is very similar. Connecting the drain to your home's plumbing requires a special compression washer and some knowledge of plumbing principles, however. For the first-timer, this project presents a few

Which Is Better for Selling a House: A Shower/Tub Combo or Stand-up Shower Stall?
by youtube-api in Home & Garden
Exploiting the resale factor of a home is a major consideration when deciding between a shower/tub combo and a stand-up shower stall in your bathroom. Some consumers enjoy soaking in bathtubs, while others seldom use them. Water efficiency proponents recommend eliminating baths altogether, advocating the use of showers to save both money and water. But the consumer makes the decision. Many buyers

Anti-Slip Products for Shower Seats & Shower Floors
by Thomas Plunkett in Home & Garden
Benjamin Franklin once said, "A small leak can sink a great ship." The quote is so true for many things we find not so significant, one of which is occasional slipping in the shower. Salvation lies in anti-slip products: safety mats and coatings. Many types of mats are available; they differ in shape, size and material, and come in many colors. Coatings come in two forms: liquids and sprays. Both

How to Install a Sprite Shower With a Ball Socket Shower Head
by ferpaz in Home & Garden
Ball socket shower heads swivel in all directions when you move them, but they tend to be found in older homes. If your shower head is dated, you can replace it with the Sprite shower head. This shower head includes a filter and a removable arm and hose for cleaning hard-to-reach places. To install the new Sprite shower head, you have to remove the old ball socket head from your shower first.Diffi

How to Remove a Stuck Shower Head or Shower Arm Without Damaging the Finish
by Pete in Home & Garden
Replacing a shower head or shower arm can be tough if mineral deposits have formed around the pipe. Putting enough pressure on the shower head or arm to loosen it can scratch or otherwise damage it. A simple trick will help you loosen the pipe without marring the finish.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Lime remover product (optional)
Duct tape
2 pipe wrenches or adjus

How to Build a Large Outdoor Shower & Shower Stall
by nickthecook in Home & Garden
A swimming pool will keep you and your family cool and refreshed all summer long. It is also a place to get plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, it will also gather every leaf and speck of dirt from every swimmer's body. Once these things get into the pool it is very difficult to remove them without draining and cleaning the entire pool. An outdoor shower will remove the leaves, dirt and debris from

How to Convert a Hand-held Shower to an Overhead Shower
by EvilNodZ in Home & Garden
Resting in a mount on the shower arm, a hand-held showerhead connects to the water supply with a long hose that allows users to remove the head from the mount and hold it, directing the water flow more effectively. Hand-held heads are useful for people with disabilities or for simply personalizing a shower. They are easy to remove and replace with a traditional overhead showerhead.Difficulty:EasyI

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