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accountManager.addAccountExplicitly(account, password, null); what does this function do? is it for sign up or sign in? How to use it properly?
by Mariocki in Programming Languages

What does this function do? Is it for sign in or sign up?

Documentation says "Adds an account directly to the AccountManager. Normally used by sign-up wizards associated with authenticators, not directly by applications."

I was searching for "how to add account on android" and found this function. Many used this function , so I also tried but got exception "caller uid

php and regex, how to strip the dollar sign and percentage sign if a user inputs it?
by Ken in Programming Languages

Basically what this needs to do is only accept a price value, that can only be 40 or 39.95 or 100.09 or 4 etc, if the user enters anything other than a digit into the field it comes back with an error.

My question: how can I change it so that if the user inputs a dollar sign in the input field that it just gets stripped out rather than returning an error in that particular case?

how to allign links,videos,photos properly.If i click on any part of sign out row i got sign out.Some more problem lik ethis
by Sankarsan Bose in Web Design

HI Everyone..

I am not able to align links,videos,photos etc in right way.Foe example i have aligned sign out on right side page but when i click on any area which falls in the row area(in which sign out is placed),i got sign out but i want when i click only on link i get sign out.I have used photos in my pages and videos.I have placed photos in a table in less than half of page wid

How to remove un-wanted multiple sign (e.g. &, %, @) sign from database records
by Calve Martin in Databases

I have trouble to remove multiple unwanted sign in MySql database as too huge.
Is there any availabe script to remove that sign?

sample Record With multiple sign :-

[]No. 11, Persiaran Bukit [] Satu&[]Taman @Sri %Nibong

Rails 3 - Devise Sign up and Sign in view together (multiple redirects)
by Bruce in Web Design

I'm trying to set up a Sign up and Sign in page at the same view and at the root url.

I did this by changing the users/sessions/new view (devise generated view) to put in there the 2 forms (Sign up and Sign in).

So far so good, but I have 2 problems:

First, when I try to sign up and have invalid data, it redirects me to mywebapp/users, while it should redirec

Input string that takes in only alphanumeric, # sign and - sign and spaces
by jbulow in Programming Languages

Tried using the following regex code but the - key cant be accepted into my input textbox. Please assist!

My code is as followed:

if (Regex.IsMatch(textBox_address.Text, @"^[a-zA-Z0-9#- ]+$"))

Request user to sign string by client certificate and get this sign in PHP
by Vinicios in PHP

I can authorize user by his client certificate with apache mod_ssl.
Now I need to request user to sign some string with his client certificate and read this sign in my php script.
I know how to do it with openssl_sign when I have key.pem on server but the client certificate is on client computer, installed in browser

How to handle sign in and sign out functionalities for more than one “thing”?
by Ryland in Programming Languages

I am using Ruby on Rails 3.2.9. In my application I would like to handle sign in and sign out functionalities for more than one "thing" since, other than classic users, "other things" can sign in and sign out. I thought to implement one "dedicated" REST-ful sessions_controller for each thing that can authenticate, maybe by making something like the following in the config/rou

Need help in registration/sign-up (OAuth/OpenId with Facebook and Yahoo) and sign in
by Mike in Development Tools & Services

I have an application that will accept both Facebook and Yahoo registrations as well as normal registration (providing username, email, password).

I'm confused on the Facebook and Yahoo side of the registration. The scenario is, upon clicking the Facebook/Yahoo registration links, users will be redirected to the provider's site for login, then redirect to our site with a form pre-fi

How to create a user using code when i am using devise gem for Sign up / Sign in
by besn in Programming Languages

I am using Devise gem for my application.
Now i would like to create a user using code, but in the database table "users"
the password is encrypted. So i hope i cannot directly save it as

new_user = User.new
new_user.email = "xyz@xys.com"
new_user.password = "1sdf" - i cannot use this becs its actually : encrypted_password


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