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Creating a signup page like twitter/signup?
Category : Web Design

A lot of newer sites have neat-o sign up forms. I do c++/java dev, and am getting in to web dev, css is a bit of a mystery to me yet.

If I wanted to create a page like twitter.com/signup, I know I can use firefox and try to copy the layout using firebug. This is going to take a bit of time to get through though.

Is there any how-to resource for us novices which walks us

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Azure CTP signup
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to signup to the Azure CTP but am finding the whole process real non user friendly. On this http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/getstarted/ web page it gives me a link to go to get a token, but when I click it doesn't appear to do anything. It takes me to another page but doesn't tell me if a token has been sent or I have to do something else.

On the dashboard of Micr

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Need Signup wizard help in asp.net application
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I want to create a SignUp Wizard in my asp.net application.

I found one article

But i don't want like this.
SignUp Wizard should looks like as given in the image below:

So it should display step by step process on header.when i move forward next number should higlight.
Anybody suggest me how can we achieve this.


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Facebook Signup Process
Category : Internet
In today's digitally connected world, many of your high school friends, college classmates and co-workers use Facebook, a free social networking website that lets you connect with people you know, play games or even promote your business. Before you can use Facebook's features, you must sign up and create an account. Account creation is a quick process that requires only a few pieces of personal i

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Meteor no password signup
Category : Programming Languages

With Meteor can I configure Accounts.ui.config to have no email and password sign up? I have it configured to use third party services.

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is it possible to signup in facebook without an email id?
Category : Development Tools & Services

i have a question about Facebook signup.i need to know the possibility of signing up with any mobile phone number or any other way without giving an email id.it is important because i am developing a fb app in which users email is a must.or is it possible to signup with an email id later remove that id from account

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cakephp 2.1 signup and login
Category : Programming Languages

I have a problem with cakephp 2.1 and Auth.

In my AppControlles I have a function getUserdetails()

if (($user = $this->Auth->user()) != null)
$tmp = $this->User->find('first',array(
'conditions' => array('username' => $user['User']['username'],

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creating sub-domains on signup
Category : Development Tools & Services

I'm building a site where businesses will be able to sign-up for there own account which should be located at http://businessname.example.com with the "businessname" changing each time.

I want to do this on a windows server (IIS 7) but am not sure how a go about it.

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Authlogic remember_me on signup
Category : Programming Languages

We want to have remember_me enabled when the user signs up. When logging in its really easy to do this, how do to we do this on signup though, as we're literally only creating a User object?

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How to verifiy a email during signup?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm developing a website with using struts2 and hibernate as back end. In many sites after you sign-up, a link will be sent to your email and after clicking on that the registration is complete. I want this feature on my webstie, but I don't have any idea how to do this and how is this working? i needsome example to do this....

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