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Creating a signup page like twitter/signup?
by greggerz in Web Design

A lot of newer sites have neat-o sign up forms. I do c++/java dev, and am getting in to web dev, css is a bit of a mystery to me yet.

If I wanted to create a page like twitter.com/signup, I know I can use firefox and try to copy the layout using firebug. This is going to take a bit of time to get through though.

Is there any how-to resource for us novices which walks us

Azure CTP signup
by Wilson Mar in Programming Languages

I am trying to signup to the Azure CTP but am finding the whole process real non user friendly. On this http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/getstarted/ web page it gives me a link to go to get a token, but when I click it doesn't appear to do anything. It takes me to another page but doesn't tell me if a token has been sent or I have to do something else.

On the dashboard of Micr

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Need Signup wizard help in asp.net application
by George Garchagudashvili in ASP & ASP.net

I want to create a SignUp Wizard in my asp.net application.

I found one article

But i don't want like this.
SignUp Wizard should looks like as given in the image below:

So it should display step by step process on header.when i move forward next number should higlight.
Anybody suggest me how can we achieve this.


Meteor no password signup
by LinnheCreative in Programming Languages

With Meteor can I configure Accounts.ui.config to have no email and password sign up? I have it configured to use third party services.

Auto login after signup in CAS
by pulkizine in Development Tools & Services

I am setting up my own CAS. A authentication handler was written and username/password are authenticated against a MySQL db. I also add signup page and related logic.

Now I would like to let user automatically log on when he/she has registered as a user. How to achieve this?

Authlogic remember_me on signup
by zokudu in Programming Languages

We want to have remember_me enabled when the user signs up. When logging in its really easy to do this, how do to we do this on signup though, as we're literally only creating a User object?

PHP, AJAX for Signup Form
by Denmark in Databases

I am new to all of this so bare with me. I am trying to set up my first PHP site and I really want to do it the right way. I am working on the form located: http://www.bwgblog.com/signup.

I have set up the following form:

<p><form action="/signup/register.php" method="post">
<label for="first_name">First Name</label>
TAGS : AJAX Signup Form

php spambot prevention on signup
by 007ELmO in Programming Languages

I dont have any problems with spam bots (yet).

Do you really have to use captcha? I hate it myself, some can be hard to read

What about just one field with a simple question any human could answer?

like "what animal is Donald Duck?"

then in php i check if its = duck.

maybe load some diffrent questions from db

How can spambo

Pinax Signup and Accounts
by Jake Levitt in Web Design

Does anyone know a good link to documentation about Pinax signup and "Accounts". I'm trying to work out how to implement our sign-up process in Django / Pinax and am trying to navigate my way between Django's User and Profile classes and the Account class in Pinax..

The main issue for us is we have a sign-up form with several extra questions that must be answered at the point of req

Bizspark Signup problems
by Jan D in Web Design

My company plainly meets the acquirements to enrol in Bizspark. Yet so far I have not been able to.

I first applied via a Networking partner but heard nothing back and then discovered the Networking partner I picked did not have contact details on their website so I re-applied with a different live ID directly to Microsoft and again did not receive a response apart from the initi

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