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How to Get a Singing Job
by Puffnstuff in Careers & Job Searching
If you have an innate ability to sing, then you may be able to use this talent to get a singing job. But in order to do so, you have to perfect your craft and dedicate a substantial amount of time to becoming the best singer possible in order to stand apart from others. Here is how to get a singing job.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Create a Web presence. Today, if you want to be
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What Are Singing Bowls?
by Ir0nh1de in Culture & Society
Singing bowls, also known as Himalayan bowls, Tibetan bowls, rin or suzu gongs, are actually a type of metal bell. Because they are inverted with the opening at the top, they appear to look like a bowl. The singing bowl makes its sound through vibration when a mallet or wand is rubbed against it. Originally they were used as part of Buddhist religious ceremonies. However, today they are used in me
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Does Practicing Really Help Singing?
by Schmidt in Arts & Entertainment
Many singers and non-singers think that when singing, you either have the talent or you don't. True, raw talent goes a long way in helping a vocalist to shine, but singers need to improve their skills with practice just like any other instrumentalist. Not only does practicing strengthen your grasp of musical concepts, but it also strengthens the muscles you use to sing, making your voice stronger

How to Get Paid for Singing
by Pug in Arts & Entertainment
You can turn your vocal talent into a source of income by singing at hotels, weddings and bars or restaurants. Singers can work as solo artists or with a band, and there are different possible avenues of employment depending on how you choose to operate. Vocal training and singing practice are invaluable if you want to get paid for singing, but if you have the vocal abilities, being enthusiastic a
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What Is Quartet Singing?
by elmagistral in Arts & Entertainment
Any group of four singers engage in quartet singing. The most common type of quartet singing is found in barbershop quartets, gospel quartets and some popular music quartets. In a quartet, each singer sings a different line. Barbershop QuartetBarbershop quartets sing without accompanying instruments -- or a cappella. They sing four-part chords. Typically, the lead sings the melody, the tenor ha

How to Know If You're Singing Through Your Nose
by tiagoggama in Arts & Entertainment
The neighbor's little dog that won't shut up may be the only sound worse than nasal singing---but at least there's a remedy for the singing. You can learn to tell the difference between singing from your chest and from your nose. The nasal sound comes from too much air being let out at once across your hard and soft palates. The key to perfecting your singing finesse is controlling your breathing.

How to Harmonize Singing
by GreenChile in Arts & Entertainment
Vocal harmonies are a cornerstone of popular music. From Broadway musicals to the Beatles, from the peaceful easy '70s rock of the Eagles to the modern romp of My Chemical Romance, vocal harmonies are everywhere, imbuing songs with depth, beauty and texture. Here, you will learn a simple, quick method of developing vocal harmonies.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Voice reco

How to Improve Singing
by Pain999 in Arts & Entertainment
Like most people, you might believe that the singing voice and range you're born with is as good as it gets. The fact is, most people can sing much better if they learn to correct some simple mistakes they are making and improve in some key areas.
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How to Become a Singing Artist
by BHZ-GTR in Arts & Entertainment
Becoming a singing artist takes a tremendous amount of dedication and confidence. You may have a natural talent for singing with a great voice, but tweaking your voice and singing skills to become a successful singing artist takes practice and devotion. Explore various options such as hiring a voice coach, participating in a local musical and singing at weddings to practice your singing skills and

How to Put Emotion in Singing
by Itchrelief in Arts & Entertainment
Two singers can have nearly identical ability in terms of pitch, range and rhythmic timing, but the singer who puts his heart into his song will captivate his audience more readily every time. Singing with emotion turns a performance into an experience of personal communication. You can become a more dynamic, masterful performer by training yourself to insert emotion into your vocals.Difficulty:Mo
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