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How to select font size and stil being future compatible depending on screen density/size/size of images in Android
by mikhaelrasputin in Android

I create a game board with squares. The size of each square (both height and width) is phone_pixel_width/number_of_squares to maximize the size of each square on the game screen depending on resolution (oh and I do not support mdpi devices, thus it does not get to small).

Now my problem is that I also write text in these squares. If I use the same font size for HVGA screens and for

ERROR/AudioCache(493): Heap size overflow! req size: 1052672, max size: 1048576
by zuz in Programming Languages

I got Sound Error in My application, would you suggest me for right approach

08-23 12:43:45.560: ERROR/AudioCache(493): Heap size overflow! req size: 1052672, max size: 1048576

I make A class soundManage to manage the sound and every time in new class , I make it object and try to play sound effect in the game.

import java.util.HashMap;
import andr

AudioCache Heap size overflow issue req size: 1053184, max size: 1048576
by changke in Programming Languages

I am developing an app where i want to play two mp3 files simultaneously one as background music and want to control the sound of each player separately. The file size is 5 mb each

i have done with main audio file but when i try to play second file with it it throws error

SoundManager mSoundManager = new SoundManager();

On a USB Mass Storage Class device, is the block size equals to the cluster size? How to determine the cluster size of a usb drive?
by Geoff The in Web Design

On a USB Mass Storage Class device (usb stick e.g. 4gb), how do you determine the 'cluster' size.

The cluster here, is taken from the context of Fat32 file system.

Using SCSI commands, I could determine the logical block size, i.e. 512 bytes.
Is this the same as the cluster size? Can this be considered as cluster size?

For a diskless device like this, i

MIPS: If Instruction size is 2 byte, will the register size be the same? or register size is optional?
by dantino in Programming Languages

I am studying computer architecutre, and I want to know if register size depends on instruction size for the MIPS? In most of the diagram given, it's a 4 byte register with 4 byte instruction, but in the exercise, it is given 2 byte instruction.

how to get web page size, browser window size, screen size in a cross-browser way?
by Sivavt in Web Design

how to get windowWidth, windowHeight, pageWidth, pageHeight, screenWidth, screenHeight, pageX, pageY, screenX, screenY in IE/FireFox/Chrome/Opera? or jquery, GWT?
as showed in picture above!


NicEditor font size mody from <font size='1'> tag to <span style='font-size: 8px'>
by mvt in Web Design

Hi I am using NicEditor and I want the font size work in defferent way bec. rightnow the editor uses the:

<font size='1...7'>the selected text here</font>

I wan't it to become a span tag i.e.

<span style='font-size:30px'>the selected text here</span>

Here is the code for the dropdown:

HTML5 - Dynamically create Canvas size according to Video size (Widht, Height)
by Xpto in Web Design

I am new to the HTML5 and HTML5 Canvas.

I am trying to embed a video in the web page and use it on a canvas.

<video> ......... width = 400, height = 300

I want to create canvas dynamically with the size of video (width, Height)

<canvas> id .... , **width = video.width, height = vi

Batch script to list the files above a specified size inside a folder ordered by Size
by dluu2 in Programming Languages

I have this code to list the files above a particular size inside a folder?
But I want the list to be in sorted order by "Size"

Could anyone please help me with this?

@echo off & setLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
pushd D: emp_files
for /f "tokens=* delims= " %%a in ('dir/b/s') do (
if %%~Za gtr 1000000 echo %%~nxa%tab% %%~Za%tab% %%~ta >>t

Program/Approach to find max heap size and max perm gen size for any system configuration?
by Excessi0n in Programming Languages

To Test the max heap size and max permgen space, As per reply suggested by Gilli at Max amount of memory per java process in windows?, i wrote a simple java class with main method just printing system out

when i ran the class from Console with below param it ran fine but with 2048 it gave the error could not reserve Could not reserve enough space for object heap. It means for my s

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