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How to start Camel routes on slave ActiveMQ only when slave becomes active in failover?
by Carbito in Programming Languages

I have a durable consumer to a remote JMS queue in embedded Camel routing. Is it possible to have this kind of routing with master-slave configuration? Now it seems that the Camel routes are started and activated already when slave ActiveMQ is started and not when the actual failover happens.

Now it causes the slave instance to receive the same messages that are also sent to master

Mysql master slave replication - choose ip/interface (slave with multiple IPs)
by zealot1983 in Databases

I had mysql master/slave replication running successfully. Then, I added multiple IPs to slave machine.

Now I get connection error on the slave. My guess is this is because slave is trying to connect with an IP and on master, I have created the user for other IP of slave.

Can I (if yes, then how) configure slave to connect to master using a particular fixed IP from all t

magento mysql Master/Slave replication - Slave not used
by Vlad Sirenko in Databases

I set up a MySQL slave and added the neccessary code to /app/etc/local.xml:


How a slave could use a nant script located at slave
by br0wn in Web Design

So far ive got a master-slave relationship established and created a first job which is labeled to be executed only from slave. But how to setup a build step in a way a slave should use a nant script located at slave.

Reads from Slave in Master/Slave Replication
by energy95 in Databases

Does slave participate in read if read preference is set to secondaryPreferred() in master/slave setup of MongoDB?

I am using Mongodb java driver 2.9.3 with SlaveOkay option but do not see read distributed to slave?

MySQL Master-Slave-Slave Configuration
by greggerz in Databases

Quick questions about MySQL Master-Slave-Slave set-ups:

I currently have a Master-Slave set up right now and I would like to add another slave. Would it be possible to clone the server running the slave, and then spin up a new server with the image from the slave, and have it pick up right where it left off? So whatever the binlog was at the time of the copy it would just run until

What Is a USB Slave?
by Dandor in Computers
USB connectors follow a master/slave relationship. That means that one device, usually a personal computer, acts as the master by controlling information in and out of a USB port. The USB peripheral, for example a small flash drive, acts as a slave. It can be operated only by the master or it won't work. In that respect, some USB slaves are useless unless connected to a master device. USBUniver
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How to Help a Sex Slave
by SteveGrabowski in Culture & Society
Sexual slavery implies trafficking human beings, which affects literally hundreds of thousands of individuals, primarily women and children, every year. Many people are tricked into emigrating from their home country through promises of legitimate work, then forced into sexual slavery once they arrive at their destination. Debt and physical bondage keep them under control. Here are some things you
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How to Add a 2nd SATA HDD As a Slave
by dagar in Computers
Parallel ATA (PATA) hard drives ruled the market before the development of serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives. A maximum of two PATA drives could be connected to one bus, and the drives could be configured as either master (primary) or slave (secondary). SATA HDDs, however, do not have these limitations, but some still refer to a secondary SATA HDD as a slave device. The basic input/output system

What Is a Slave Cylinder?
by bmg in Cars
Slave cylinders are vitally important parts of hydraulic and pneumatic actuation and control systems. They are used in every industry and field of human endeavor including industrial, domestic, transportation, aerospace, medicine and recreation. As the name implies, slave cylinders act to lengthen or shorten themselves in response to an actuation pressure command coming from another device, called


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