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Activities for Smart Senses With a Smart Board
by rbonestell in Education
Children learn about their five senses early on in their elementary education careers. To reinforce the concepts taught in class, teachers and young students can benefit from using Smart Board activities. These activities, created by Smart Technologies, are completed using the Smart Board interactive whiteboard. Only software, games and activities developed by Smart Technologies will operate on th

Smart Exchange SMART Board Lessons
by The_Eclectic1 in Education
The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is a type of educational technology that allows students and teachers to use electronic pens or their fingers to write, draw and interact with the content projected on the interactive whiteboard. SMART Board lessons are highly interactive and excellent methods of keeping students engaged in the classroom while accommodating different learning styles. SMART Ex

What Makes Smart Cars Smart?
by CodeAndLearn in Cars
Smart Cars, designed and sold by automaker Smart, are offered as an intelligent alternative to a traditional vehicle's poor fuel consumption, excessive cost due to large size, and difficult maneuverability through urban spaces. Available in Europe since 1998, the news about Smart Cars slowly made its way to North America. They became available in the United States in 2008. Origin of the NameThe

How to Get Smart and Stay Smart
by jald in Education
Getting smart and staying smart has more to do with using the muscle located between your ears than being born with a genius IQ. Anyone can increase his or her intelligence by participating in activities that will stimulate the person's mind and increase the individual's knowledge base. Exercising, meditating and reading are a few of the key components of increasing your intelligence.Difficulty:Mo
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My PC Won't Recognize the Smart Card in a USB Smart Card Terminal
by JGKelly in Computers
A USB smart card terminal is an external device that connects to your computer, allowing you to connect an SD card to your system. Once the SD card is inserted into the smart card terminal, the system should detect the card, allowing you to access the information stored on the card. However, if the computer is not reading the card, there are a few issues that may be causing the problem, all of whi

C++ and Smart Pointers - how would smart pointers help in this situation?
by tanminivan in Programming Languages

Much to my shame, I haven't had the chance to use smart pointers in actual development (the supervisior deems it too 'complex' and a waste of time). However, I planned to use them for my own stuff...

I have situations regarding de-initing a module after they are done, or when new data is loaded in. As I am using pointers, I find my code littered with check for null such as this...

How to Get a Smart, Shy Boy to Like Me
by Kiltec in Relationships & Family
Relationships would be easy if you could make everyone like you, but unfortunately that's not the case. This is especially true with boys who are both shy and smart. Because of their personality traits, it may be especially hard for them to open up and allow themselves to take part in a romantic relationship. If you find yourself falling for a boy who is both smart and shy, consider these tips to
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How to do this in a smart way
by debuke in Programming Languages

My websystem im coding with now is integrated from the originally phpBB system. With this i mean when you log on my websystem, you have actually logged into the forum from the login page. Now i came to the "log out" part, and i want to make it smart. Right now its a simply link with logout:

<a href="<?php echo BASEDIR; ?>../../ucp.php?mode=logout&sid=<? echo $user
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How to Get Smart
by onurtopcu in Culture & Society
Many people think it takes inherent smarts to be knowledgeable and educated. But really, it just takes you having a thirst for what is going on around you. It is never too late to learn about anything. As long as you live, you will never stop learning. In order to be more educated, you've got to commit to embracing new knowledge.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Become a reader. Take time
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not able to use smart GWT
by Germany in Web Design

trying to use smart GWT

Using smart gwt 2.5 dowloded from link below

smartgwt 2.5

Firefox 6.0

I made a small web application project(without smart GWT) which is working fine.

Now in the *same project i added smartGwt 2.5
and added <inherits name="com.smartgwt.SmartGwt"/>
in myprojet.gwt.xml fil

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