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Configuring a connectionSignUp with social:jdbc-connection-repository element in spring social
by DevTim in Programming Languages

I'm using spring social with XML configuration and I would like to inject the property connectionSignUp to enable implicit signup, but that's not possible because that element
social:jdbc-connection-repository does not expect that parameter.

I'm trying to modify one of the samples, namely this one:

Under Which Conditions Would a Social Worker Use Communication Skills in the Context of Social Work?
by scott.sizemore in Business
Social workers assist clients with a variety of problems in a variety of settings including schools, community welfare agencies, hospitals and other medical settings, emergency shelters and elsewhere. They work with children, the elderly, people with disabilities and other sorts of clients. Communication skills are an integral part of their work. Without good communication skills, social workers c

Social Service Benefits for People With Social Security Total Disability
by ancapdev in Personal Finance
The Social Security Administration appoints a physician to determine whether an individual is totally disabled. This doctor conducts a physical to determine the severity of your ailments before submitting his findings to the Social Security Administration. Upon receiving a disabled status, an individual is then eligible to receive certain Social Security benefits. You may apply for these benefits

Describe the Stakeholder Viewpoint of Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Performance
by Yserbius in Business
The stakeholder viewpoint of social responsibility and corporate social performance relates to the pervasive 21st century concept of corporate social responsibility, which emphasizes a balance between shareholder and non-shareholder stakeholder interests. To meet common CSR expectations for socially acceptable behavior, companies typically need to balance shareholders' desire for profits with inte

django social-registration redirect url sometimes /social/setup and sometimes /accounts/profile . Why?
by Stringjam in Web Design

In django social registration, usually it redirects to

/social/setup .

So i have written a view pointing to that url . But, why some times it redirects to


Why its happening like this ?

How do I make the introductory social network code from “Mining the Social Web” work?
by danil in Programming Languages

I entered all the code from: https://github.com/ptwobrussell/Mining-the-Social-Web/blob/master/python_code/introduction__retweet_visualization.py

However, all I get is a "exit code 0" and no output whatsoever. How do I create the graph of retweets that is the goal of this code?

# =*= coding: utf-8 -*-
import sys
import os
import json
import re

List of Social Justice Issues Facing Social Workers
by sandorski in Culture & Society
Social workers work directly with individuals who are in need of financial or social assistance to promote positive changes in society. The issues that social workers encounter in their profession range from people living with addictions, survivors of many forms of abuse, dysfunctional families, runaway children, homelessness and poverty. PovertyOne of the overarching issues facing social worke

Difference in Social Structure and Social Process Theories
by venom361 in Culture & Society
An individual can have a high status in one culture and a low status in another, depending on characteristics, such as race, profession, wealth, gender or some other factor. Social structure characteristics vary, and scholars have formed social process theories around these social structures. DefinitionsSocial structure is the way in which people in a society respond to each other in a patterne

What Social Forces Have Shaped Social Studies Education?
by baylisscg in Education
Changes in society translate to changes in social studies education. Teachers strive to keep their students abreast with societal issues ranging from politics to privacy concerns. Social forces also change teaching methods. The Advent of the InternetChildren can use the Internet as a resource in the classroom. Instead of using card catalogs for information, they can log onto news sites. In addi

Social Problems Vs. Social Responsibility of Crime
by JoseWalrus in Legal
Sociologists and criminologists have long tried to figure out why criminals commit crimes. Theories range from criminals getting a kick out of breaking the law to criminals only committing the crime because they had no other choice. Whether it be a matter of personal choice or because of necessity, the United States has chosen to use components of both theories in developing its criminal justice s

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