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Difference Between Soft Paws & Soft Claws
by Mario Tristan in Pets
Cats like to scratch stuff. That's a fact of life if you share yours with a feline friend. Declawing is considered by many to be inhumane, and training your cat not to scratch furniture may be a losing battle. A third approach to keeping your cat from scratching is to use Soft Paws or Soft Claws. DefinitionBoth Soft Paws and Soft Claws are vinyl caps that can be glued to your cat's claws to kee

Difference Between Soft and Medium Soft Lead
by bash in Business
Pencils come in many different varieties. Basic pencils are graded by the hardness or softness of the graphite used in the pencil. The amount of clay mixed with the graphite determines the hardness of a pencil lead. More clay means a softer pencil lead. A softer pencil lead leaves a darker mark. The harder the graphite lead, the lighter the mark the pencil makes. Soft LeadSoft-lead pencils ar

Why Are Soft Drinks Called Soft Drinks?
by niswilsonnissen in Food & Drink
Soft drinks are beverages usually made with water and a sweetener. They are called "soft" as opposed to "hard" because "hard" usually describes an alcoholic beverage, while soft drinks are non-alcoholic. FeaturesThe first ingredient of a soft drink is usually water. They are then sweetened with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or an artificial sweetener such as aspartame or saccharine. Popular

What Is a Soft PBX?
by Pepe Araya in Electronics
Although traditional PBX systems required significant hardware at a considerable expense, computer-based soft PBX systems allow modern users to enjoy many popular telephone services with only some basic hardware and software. DefinitionA soft PBX, according to a review by the technology magazine PC World, is a private branch exchange service that relies on computer software and voice over Inter
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How to Soft Mod a Wii
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Hobbies, Games & Toys
If you want to play home-brew apps or burned discs on your Nintendo Wii console, it will need to be modified. Luckily, modding the Wii can be done through a technique known as "soft modding," meaning you can make all the necessary changes without having to open or modify your Wii console's hardware. Once the software has been installed, you will be free to play backup copies of Wii games on the sy
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How to Buy a Soft Cup Bra
by bhakins in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Among the most comfortable bras on the market is the soft cup model, which matches shaping and support with delicate comfort in various styles. Consider each of these steps before you buy a soft cup bra to be sure you know what to look for and where to find it.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Choose comfort. Soft cup bras are a welcome break from stiff, structured bras that resemble body armor.
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How to Fix an Air Soft M4
by sham63 in Sports & Fitness
Airsoft, like paintball, is a combat-style sport usually played on a private field or range. Airsoft incorporates replicas of military weapons that shoot non-metallic ammunition. The Airsoft M4 is a replica of the U.S. military-issued M4 carbine rifle, and, as is the case with all weapons, will require periodic maintenance. One common problem associated with the Airsoft M4 is a shaky or wobbly sto
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How to Soft Mod a Fat PS2
by Fezlakk in Computers
Soft-modding a video game system means you are installing software on the system that will allow you to do things with it that it otherwise could not do. With the original Sony PS2, often referred to as the PS2 Fat because of its thickness, soft-modding it allows you to play your games directly from the PS2's internal hard drive. This improves loading times and will give you quick access to changi
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API on a C++ soft
by language-agnostic in C & C++ & C#

I would like to know how to do to get variables of a C++ running program from my Java application. I think I have to do an API, but I don't know how to start this. In fact, I want to get information about packets in the Ekiga softphone. I localized what I want in Ekiga's main.cpp :

double lost = mw->priv->current_call->get_lost_packets();
double late
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How to Fix a Rip in My Soft Top
by Remyx in Cars
Convertible soft tops on vehicles have their advantages when the occupants would like to ride with the top down on a pleasant day. The disadvantages of soft tops amount to more upkeep and cleaning maintenance on the material from which they are made, which is usually canvas. Soft tops may be prone to tears and cuts, sometimes along the folding ridges or in areas where they have been accidentally c
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