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How to uninstall Software using c# by calling Software UninstallString Listed in Registry file of that Software But the Process Is Not Working
by Icyflash in C & C++ & C#

I am developing a software that will list all the software install
in Computer
now i want to Uninstall it using my Program In C# by
calling the Uninstall Key of that software in
Registry Key
My Program Is
Like That But the Process Is Not Working

var UninstallDir = "MsiExec.exe /I{F98C2FAC-6DFB-43AB-8B99-8F6907589021}";
string _path = "";
Options to enable web software to work offline? Or perhaps build desktop software?
by Anton Tupy in Web Design

I created a scheduling software for beauty salons as a web application. The idea is that the business owner can schedule customer appointments with a hair stylist. I made it web based because eventually these beauty salons need to integrated into a larger cloud service. So far, I've only put in about 40 hours of coding.

One challenge i am encountering is that a lot of beauty sa

Are there any good blogs for software team leaders or software project managers?
by soonk in Programming Languages

What are some good blogs for software team leaders or software project managers?

Crystal Report PrintToPrint method hang the software when Printer is not connected in after software installation?
by okhomenko in Programming Languages

In my project method PrintToPrint for crystal report works fine but after installation of the software when Printer is not connected to machine this method makes my software process hangs.
Can any one help me solve this issue?

How do I hide the select software site portion of the UI on the Eclipse Install New Software dialog in my RCP application?
by Virginia in Programming Languages

I found documentation that states I can hide some of the UI elements in the Install New Software dialog in an Eclipse RCP application.

It's all described here.

I want my RCP application (based on Eclipse 3.7) to hide the available software sites just like the RCP Mail example app does, so I've implemented my RCP application using this example. But, it's not working.

How can a large number of developers write software together without either a cumbersome process or poor quality software?
by BSim500 in Network & Servers

I work at a company with hundreds of people writing software for essentially the same product. The quality of the software has to be high because so many people depend on it (not least the developers themselves). Because of this every major issue has resulted in a new check - either automated or manual.

As a result the process of delivering software is becoming ever more burdensom

Has anyone ever observed any ratio trend of the quantity of software maintenance time compared to the number of users of your software?
by Furchin in Web Design

So for example have you noticed a big difference in support request volume on software being used by 1000 users compared to just 50? Or is it more related to how solid the software actually is? It's almost like calculating how valuable it is for us to take the extra time to make the software properly, which would be a nice thing to sell management on right guys?

As a software developer what is your SNMP suite that easy to integrate into your software
by Dannar26 in Programming Languages

Well, altough the S of the SNMP stands for Simple, yet, so far I haven't experienced it that way. And now that I am about to deploy my software on around around 180 remote Linux servers and wants to monitor the servers and configure my daemons all from a centralized point.

I simply want you to recommend me the library which you'll confidently describe as "SNMP Made Easy".


How do I create a type of compression that my software can read / write? My software only
by swassbac in Programming Languages

I am working on a project that requires programmatically distributing a compressed file that in a format that is associated with my software. I am writing the software in Python.

I would use .zip, but I don't want to overwrite any previouse filetype associations. ( with zip utilities )

How to Establish Software Requirement Before Hiring a Software Development Company
by Finland in Computers
There are times when popularly released software packages simply cannot do the trick for your company. Whether the problem is too few features or too many, it only stands to reason that you will eventually want something designed expressly for your needs. Many business owners rely on software development companies to come up with a new framework for design, but the truth is that you shouldn't wait


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