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How to Become a Soldier
by Jpark in Careers & Job Searching
Soldiers are trained individuals who serve their country during peace and war. They go through rigorous mental and physical exercises to become competent on and off the field. Become an enlisted U.S. soldier or civilian army officer by following these steps.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Read the general requirement list to see if you qualify to become a soldier. The requirements
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How Can I Get a Soldier As a Pen Pal?
by LadyCoconut in Business
Members of the armed forces are usually able to receive mail, even when stationed overseas. If you're searching for a way to provide inspiration or show thanks to a solider, strike up a correspondence and become a soldier's pen pal. In this relationship, a soldier and a civilian exchange letters, sharing their thoughts and news of recent events in their lives. The best pen pals are able to learn s
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How to Know If Someone Has Soldier's Insurance
by zuz in Personal Finance
Soldier's insurance refers to the life insurance policy on the life of a soldier. It will pay benefits to survivors in the event that a soldier dies while serving his country. Most soldier's insurance policies are generated through Servicemember's Group Life Insurance, which automatically covers each soldier for up to $10,000 unless the soldier declines it in writing. If a soldier has died, there

What Are a Soldier's Duties?
by Damien in Careers & Job Searching
Some say that a soldier's job is never done.This isn't entirely untrue. As long as a person is a soldier, he has duties that must be done daily. In the Army, there are seven basic duties that are a part of every soldier's life. LoyaltyThe American flag flies proudthe flag of the united states of america image by Michael Shake from Fotolia.comA soldier must be loyal to his country, the US Consti

How to be Pen Pals with a Soldier
by Paratus in Culture & Society
Whether you agree with the war or not , it is important that everyone supports our troops . One of the best ways to support the troops is to become a Pen pal with a soldier . Your letters will raise a soldier spirits and show how much you appreciate everything the armed forces do for us .Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need

Getting StartedThere are

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How to Find a WWI Soldier
by Brazen in Culture & Society
The Great War, also known as World War I, started in Europe after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. Soldiers fighting in the war were mainly from Europe in the initial years, but by 1917 the United States had joined the fight. Any Great War veterans still alive would have to be about 110 years old, so the likelihood of meeting with one is slim. Even without the opportunity of
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How to End a Letter to a Soldier
by skriefal in Culture & Society
Serving overseas can be an isolating experience. Soldiers are stationed in foreign countries without their families and are subjected to the harsh realities of war. In these stressful situations, a small gesture can have a big impact. Writing a meaningful letter to a soldier is one of these gestures, and any service member is sure to appreciate your effort. Properly concluding your correspondence
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Soldier Hat Craft
by Liy in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Whether for dramatic play at home or for use in a theatrical presentation, creating a soldier helmet or hat will surely add to the experience. Use recycled items from around the house instead of purchasing new materials to save money. Allow your military pride to shine with your homemade soldier hat. Recycled HelmetWash and rinse out a plastic gallon milk jug and allow it to dry. Cut the handle
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How to Be a Mercenary Soldier
by Alberto Maturano in Business
The need for mercenaries remains strong. These soldiers for hire, who make significantly more money than soldiers in the regular military, are still in significant demand for U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and are becoming involved in other conflicts in the Middle East. Often having extensive military backgrounds, they put their training and skills to use in the private sector, working fo

Fun Things to Put in a Box to a Soldier
by keyed in Culture & Society
A loved one deployed overseas can be away for months at a time and have very few comforts of home. Show your soldier how much you care by sending a fun and unique theme package with a personal touch. Receiving any mail from home is sure to bring a smile to any soldier's face, but games, treats and reminders of home are a fun way to warm the heart. Sports ThemeFeature the soldier's favorite spor
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