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How to Identify the Soleus
by Mike in Education
The soleus is a powerful muscle in the back of the calf that runs from below the knee to the heel. It is used in standing and walking. The soleus shares the calcaneal tendon with the gastrocnemius and is therefore considered to be a single muscle called the triceps surae by some anatomists. The following steps will aid in your search for information about the soleus.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
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How to Troubleshoot a Soleus JC-46
by aaffleck in Home & Garden
Soleus Air provides energy efficient appliances for the home, as well as for businesses, such as air conditioners, table fans, electric heaters, water coolers and wine coolers. Whether you are a casual wine drinker or a wine connoisseur, your Soleus JC-46 compact cooler can help you have wine handy for your dinners or dinner parties, storing up to 16 bottles of wine. When something goes wrong with

What Are the Functions of the Soleus?
by FuzzyHornet in Health
The soleus muscle is a muscle on the back of the lower leg (calf) that is located underneath the outermost calf muscle, the gastrocnemius. The difference is that the tendons of the gastrocnemius cross the knee joint to connect to the thigh bone, and the tendons of the soleus do not. Raising the HeelThe action of the soleus is that it plantarflexes the foot, which means the soleus points the toe

Soleus LX-140 Is Leaking
by Gogonez in Home & Garden
If your Soleus LX-140 portable air conditioner is leaking water, it may become necessary for you to empty the unit's emergency condensate holding tank. If the indoor humidity of the room the unit is located is high but the room temperature is low, then the LX-140 may not be able to evaporate built-up moisture fast enough. In this case, the moisture will be stored in the condensate holding tank. If
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How to Improve the Soleus
by Matias in Sports & Fitness
Basketball players, inline skaters and skiers are among those athletes who recognize the need to stretch and strengthen the soleus because this lower leg muscle plays a vital role in standing, running, climbing and jumping. Dancers pursue a flexible soleus because it helps them achieve the soft landing that makes dance appear effortless. When the soleus is tight, pain and injury can result. Anyone
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How to Do the Soleus Stretch
by 1sikbITCH in Sports & Fitness
The soleus stretch is an excellent stretch for runners and cyclists. Located in the calf, the soleus muscle is used when you plant your foot on the ground before pushing off. Use the information below to learn how to do the soleus stretch.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Stand facing a wall and place both of your palms against it.
Step back with one foot so that it's a couple of feet away from th
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Soleus Exercises
by Ferzerp in Sports & Fitness
Exercising your soleus may sound confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with where your soleus is or what function it performs. According to Askthetrainer.com, the soleus is a postural muscle that must stay contracted (tightened) for very long time periods in order to keep you standing. Soleus exercises, such as stretching and strengthening exercises, help to keep you from falling down when y
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How to Strengthen the Soleus Muscle
by Demo24 in Sports & Fitness
You have two calf muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. The gastrocnemius is the muscle that appears as an upside-down heart in the lower back of the leg. The soleus muscle lies underneath the gastrocnemius, providing width to the lower leg. When engaged in endurance activities, the soleus muscle supports the gastrocnemius muscle when it becomes fatigued. Strengthening your soleus muscles no

What Are the Functions of Soleus Muscles?
by jcwagers in Health
Walking, running and other daily movements, such as getting in and out of your car, vacuuming or climbing stairs, would be a difficult feat without fully functioning soleus muscles. Also known as your calves, these powerful muscles increase plantar flexion of your ankles to assist with overall leg movement. When these muscles fail to perform properly, knee, hip, back, neck and ankle pain can resul

Calves Soleus Exercise
by Gerhard Miller in Sports & Fitness
The elegant curves of the famous ancient Greek statues accentuate muscular proportion and it is this proportion that we still aspire to emulate today. Symmetry in the legs requires a balance between the large thigh muscles with the smaller, yet more captivating, calves. The calves are composed of two muscles, the gastrocnemius and the soleus that flex or point the foot. The soleus lies under the

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