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How To Get My Solutions Into Windows Problem Reports and Solutions
by jcwagers in Operating Systems

Windows Vista added a Problem Reports and Solutions facility that records software problems, reports them to Microsoft, and then say they collect and make solutions to those problems available to users.

So when my program hits a bug and crashes, the user gets an exception report:

This then gets captured by Windows as one of it's problems. Every so often Wind

ISV Solutions Competency or Custom Development Solutions Competency?
by FuzzyHornet in Web Design

My company wants to apply Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. But, we not sure which competency should we take. Either goes to ISV Solutions Competency or Custom Development Competency.

Let me introduce my company background. We are third party healthcare service provider where we developed our own web based system to manage healthcare claims. We developed our system using Visual Stu

Are Visual Studio 2010 Professional Solutions/Projects 100% compatible with Visual Studio 2010 Premium Solutions/Projects?
by cautionsign in Programming Languages

I am just wondering on what version of Visual Studio 2010 to install (Professional or Premium) If there are a few people in the team with a mix of VS2010 professional/premium, would opening solution/project files be an issue, ie incorrect version or prompts to upgrade prjects..

Projects include: asp.net mvc, database and silverlight.

Solutions for a Dry Well
by Omer72 in Home & Garden
Many people in the United States still get their water from wells. Well water is finicky because the water level depends on current water table levels for the area. When the area becomes dry, the well will also dry. Fortunately, there are several solutions for dry wells that well owners can employ to make their dry wells full of water once more. Less PumpingOne of the best solutions for a dryin
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Siding Solutions
by OlioEngr in Home & Garden
Siding covers your home and serves two functions; it protects your home from precipitation and other weather, and it decorates it. No matter how meticulous you are, your siding will get covered in dirt, bird droppings and other debris. Use one of several cleaning solutions to work that specific stain off your siding. Use the right type of cleaning solution for your particular siding material. L
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Cat Dandruff Solutions
by ertuzio in Pets
Small white or brown flakes on your cat's coat indicate that it suffers from dandruff. This condition is usually the result of dry skin caused by the cat's diet or its environment. However, it can also result from a more serious underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism, according to the website VetInfo. After ruling out these conditions with your veterinarian, take measure

Wet Basement Solutions
by acacio in Home & Garden
No one likes to come home and find his basement flooded. Water on the basement floor can lead to permanent damage to the flooring and the walls, not to mention the fact that it can ruin anything down there, like photographs or furniture. By knowing what causes a wet basement, you can take measures to prevent it from happening and ensure your basement stays dry and protected. GuttersMany basemen

Garnishment Solutions
by negonicrac in Personal Finance
Garnishment is often a creditor's last resort when trying to collect a debt from a consumer who is unwilling to pay. In order to obtain a court order allowing it to garnish an individual's wages or bank accounts, the creditor must win a lawsuit against the debtor in a state that gives garnishment rights to private creditors. While a garnishment order is beneficial to a creditor, it may leave a deb

Solutions for Under-Eye Bags
by textmate in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Puffy bags under the eyes are a common cosmetic issue for women and men and become more noticeable with age. Under-eye bags are the result of weakening tissue, migrating fat and fluid retention, according to the Mayo Clinic. To reduce under-eye bags you can try natural remedies, over-the-counter creams or cosmetic procedures. At-Home RemediesTackle under-eye bags by applying a cold compress or

Homemade Eye Solutions
by Jérôme in Health
Eyewash solutions are easy to make at home, and can help clear up a variety of problems like redness, or itch, or help to remove any annoying film or foreign objects you may have in your eyes. If you want to make your own eye wash at home, you can do so using all natural ingredients, a little bit of time, and some easy steps.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
2 cups di

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