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How To Get My Solutions Into Windows Problem Reports and Solutions
by jcwagers in Operating Systems

Windows Vista added a Problem Reports and Solutions facility that records software problems, reports them to Microsoft, and then say they collect and make solutions to those problems available to users.

So when my program hits a bug and crashes, the user gets an exception report:

This then gets captured by Windows as one of it's problems. Every so often Wind

ISV Solutions Competency or Custom Development Solutions Competency?
by FuzzyHornet in Web Design

My company wants to apply Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. But, we not sure which competency should we take. Either goes to ISV Solutions Competency or Custom Development Competency.

Let me introduce my company background. We are third party healthcare service provider where we developed our own web based system to manage healthcare claims. We developed our system using Visual Stu

Are Visual Studio 2010 Professional Solutions/Projects 100% compatible with Visual Studio 2010 Premium Solutions/Projects?
by cautionsign in Programming Languages

I am just wondering on what version of Visual Studio 2010 to install (Professional or Premium) If there are a few people in the team with a mix of VS2010 professional/premium, would opening solution/project files be an issue, ie incorrect version or prompts to upgrade prjects..

Projects include: asp.net mvc, database and silverlight.

Solutions for a Dry Well
by Omer72 in Home & Garden
Many people in the United States still get their water from wells. Well water is finicky because the water level depends on current water table levels for the area. When the area becomes dry, the well will also dry. Fortunately, there are several solutions for dry wells that well owners can employ to make their dry wells full of water once more. Less PumpingOne of the best solutions for a dryin
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Solutions for Better Sleep
by The_Eclectic1 in Health
Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to a number of health problems and even shorten a person's life expectancy. Yet in today's fast-paced world, it's easy to miss out on getting the proper amount and the right quality sleep. Many people are sleep deprived and could benefit from some solutions for attaining a better, more restful night's sleep. ScheduleMaintain a consistent sleep

What Are Buffer Solutions Used In?
by bdurbin in Hobbies, Games & Toys
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Backless Bra Solutions
by Drift King in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Plunging backless styles are a staple of women's formal wear, such as prom dresses, bridesmaids' dresses and wedding gowns. While these styles are flattering, an ordinary bra will show up in the back--not stylish at all! Fortunately there are plenty of options for women who need support that doesn't peep out of a backless dress. There are also backless bras that add body shaping as well, so you do

Refinancing Solutions
by sepe in Personal Finance
Various agencies of the federal government administer housing programs that include refinancing solutions for homeowners. Each federal program targets a specific segment of the housing market, which requires distinct sets of limitations and qualifying criteria. Although these programs do not make direct loans to individual homeowners, the programs support home ownership through federal mortgage in

Solutions to Wet Basements
by ozymandius42 in Home & Garden
Wet basements provide you with a world of inconvenience as humidity begins to gather within your house, destroying the interior insulation and other materials you might have in the basement. If you would like to keep your basement dry, you must look for the source of the water as what you do to resolve the issue completely depends on where the water comes from. Even if you don't have cracks on you

Debt Solutions
by sinisterDei in Personal Finance
Debt is a common problem. Work hours max out. Credit cards become the lifeline between having rent money and eviction. The phone rings, and it's still one more person wanting to collect money. Luckily, debt doesn't have to be a lifelong experience. In fact, it can be solved altogether with a little bit of determination to stick to a plan. ConsolidateConsolidate the small debts you have and elim
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