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i want to play a song that i have stored in assets folder of my windows 8 app how can i set the source for a button to that song?
by stephenbennyhat in Programming Languages


void playButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
this.mediaplayer.Source = new Uri("Assets/heydude.mp3", UriKind.Relative);

how can i get song details, when user chooses a song>complete action using dialog> into my app
by Delaware in Programming Languages

How can i get song details to play from sdcard and complete the action using my application.what are the attributes in manifest,how can i extract song details into my applicatin?

How to play a song with Audio Queue API in order to find the Accurate timings of the beat of the song
by kiirpi in Development Tools & Services

Now I am working on a musical project in which i need accurate timings.I already used NSTimer,NSdate,but iam geting delay while playing the beats(beats i.e tik tok)So i have decided to use Audio Queue API to play my sound file present in the main bundle that is of .wav format, Its been 2 weeks i am struggling with this, Can anybody please help me out of this problem.

how to autoplay next song in music application when first song completes playing
by Ed. in Mobile Programming

I have made a music app using avtouchController & I want to play my next song one after the other using autoplay can u please give me the step to autoplay a song.

How can I find the song position of a song being played with XACT?
by avdempsey in Programming Languages

So I'm making a game in XNA and I need to use XACT for my songs (rather than media player). I need to use XACT because each song will have multiple layers that combine when played at the same time (bass, lead, drums) etc. I cant use the media player because the media player can only play one song at a time.

Anyways, so lets say I have a song playing with XACT in my project with the

How to get the artist's/song's name from the current song in a playlist from a webradio
by alphamars in Mobile Programming

I work on an iphone application, it's supposed to play songs from a webradio by reading a playlist.pls file. My problem is that i would like to display the current artist's and song's name. I am using AVPlayer because i want to the music in background and MPMusicPlayerController don't.
Thanks to all

How to Find a Song Title When You Don't Know the Artist's Name Who Performed the Song
by Lafe in Arts & Entertainment
If you hear a song and really like it but don't know who performs it, you may be frustrated. The same is true if you hear a song you never want to hear again. If you have a smartphone, you may already be within reach of the knowledge that you seek. Prior to music identification applications, you could have typed song lyrics you remembered into a search engine, but that was no help with instrumenta

MediaPlayer.Play(song) - can't be called twice with the same song?
by rascator in Development Tools & Services

this is what i have:


play s0, sleep, play s1, sleep, then play s0, then 2nd time i play s0, doesn't work

How to Change a Praise Song to a Rock Song
by Carbito in Arts & Entertainment
Praise music refers to contemporary music that seeks to acknowledge and revere a certain idea or religion. It is commonly found in protestant Christian churches, where praise bands play music that appeals to people's rock 'n' roll sensibilities. However, a huge backlash has occurred as conservative churches have criticized praise bands for turning music into a vehicle for drugs, sexuality, rebelli

How to Find a Good Song for a Theme Song
by markku in Arts & Entertainment
Virtually any group can come with its own theme song for an activity, and ascribing an appropriate tune to your special event will make it that much more memorable. Themes can range from birthdays, weddings and bar mitzvahs to holidays, seasons and corporate celebrations. Adam Sandler's "The Hanukkah Song" is an example of a theme song that is both memorable and appropriate for a holiday

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