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How to fix “This repository can be attached only to ORM sortable listener” error in Gedmo sortable?
by Blunc in Development Tools & Services

When usieing StofDoctrineExtensions (which is a Symfony2 port of Gedmo Doctrine Extensions) Sortable behaviour I kept on getting this error:

This repository can be attached only to ORM sortable listener

Since I could not easily find the answer in official docs I'm leaving an answer here for future reference.

jquery UI sortable - allow drag of image embedded in sortable div to result in start of div sorting
by Bunny loves data in Coding

Sorry, I really have no idea how to phrase this, so apologies for the long title. I have a table column filled with divs that are sortable (using the jquery ui sortable plugin). Each of those divs has an image child. Currently, when I attempt to drag the div by clicking on the image portion of the div, the div does not drag. Obviously, I want to div to drag when I click on the image (or any

jQuery sortable() - move elements to connected list before first element that is not sortable
by python in Coding

I have two connected sortable lists. The second contains only one element and it can't be moved ( but the list is sortable ).

When I move element from the first list to the second, I can't add the new element as first element of the second list.

Always first element of the second list is 5 (in this example). http://jsfiddle.net/fuQ4Z/ Example .

jQuery UI Sortable doesn't refresh after cloning and appending a new sortable list
by Matt Watson in Web Design

OK, what I'm trying to do here is to have jQuery UI update the sortables that are displayed on the page when a new column is dynamically added to the page by cloning it. If you clone a column (demo page) the new column should be able to receive both items from the existing column lists as well as new items that can be dragged from list A at the top into one of the sortables. This works fine for

JQuery .load() removing .sortable() function from sortable list
by Triumph in Programming Languages

I will try to explain my problem with as little code as possible.

Basically I have several sortable lists connected in the usual way. Each item in the list has some hidden elements that are toggled with a button on the respective items. There is also a second button that causes the list item to slideUp and be removed from the list - then being sent to a new list. This works in conju

jQuery Sortable / Draggable with Clones and Limited Sortable Space
by davidar in Programming Languages

Current example: http://josephndenton.com/OWLSBRO/

I am trying to create an area with list items on the right that are draggable but not sortable, and five separate lists on the left that are sortable. I have this functionality working, but I now need to limit the number of items that can appear in any of the left lists to 5. I tried using an if statement in the receive event on sor

Preventing a table's headers from being sortable using JQuery Sortable plug-In
by Matthiasa in Web Design

I have an HTML table:

<table id="HatedByCSSOnlyGoons">
<tr><td>Header 1</td><td>Header 2</td></tr>

and I'm applying the JQuery Sort

How can I add a drag icon to a table to make it sortable with jQuery UI sortable?
by soonk in Programming Languages

I use the following to allow me to sort rows in a table.

$('#grid tbody').sortable({
helper: function (e, ui) {
ui.children().each(function () {
return ui;
scroll: true,
stop: function (event, ui) {

Jquery sortable divs not sortable after being saved and pulled from database
by beebob in Programming Languages

I created an adhoc reporting tool that allows users to drag and drop different reporting elements from a menu to a container div. They can then sort the elements and save the report to a database. I am saving all the html in the container div to a MySQL database. The problem is, is when the report is pulled back out. I can no longer sort any of the saved elements only new elements that have bee

Issue with sortable() and how to limit number of sortable items using JQuery
by Riparian in Programming Languages

I have two things to ask for. Here is my reference code: http://jsbin.com/axegem/19/

Issue: When I drag and drop divs within one parent, every thing is fine. If I drop the element onto other parent, I see my Dropped() event is called twice. To make it more clear, if I drop DIV 3 after DIV 6 (with respect to my sample code), I see the alert coming twice. Why is this so? This is suppo

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