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Autocomplete from php source file requerying source page rather than call PHP Source file
by mkmitch in PHP

I am trying to use the JQuery Autocomplete with PHP source file, but when I check with FIREBUG I see on change of the Input field, the page is just requerying itself rather than call my source PHP file

Code Segment

$().ready(function() {
$("#item_name").autocomplete("./utilities.php?op=autocomplete", {
width: 260,
matchContains: true

Changing an image source based on an H1 element in the source code or 'location.path'?
by KompuKare in Web Design

I decided to try a different approach to this problem. Instead of relying on a string I thought it would be more efficient for this specific issue to use the function location.path to determine the source of the album-cover. Here's what I only have so far:

The piece of HTML for the image:

<img src="http://static.last.fm/flatness/catalogue/noimage/noalb

How can I change the source of a Data Source View and the Report Models based on it to a different database?
by DeathReborn in Databases

I have a number of reports deployed to a SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services server. They were all developed using the same Report Model (SDML) that references the same Data Source View (DSV) that points to a test database filled with mostly dummy data. Now, I would like to make those reports pull data from the live database with our real data instead. The two databases have exactly the same str

Is it common to read source code in order to study an Open Source Framework?
by Alpha0mega in Coding

What is the best way to study an Open Source Framework?
I found that documentations/wiki/introductions are quite informative but not complete; APIs are complete but they don't provide best practices.
Does this mean I always need to read the source code for commanding a new framework?
If I should read the source code, how/where should I start?
For example, I want to use a rec

How to maintain source versions and project tree structure in source control repository
by beefjerky911 in Web Design

For a team of 4-5 developers using Visual Source Safe(VSS) 2005 what is best practice to maintain source versions?

Our requirement is to maintain and identify a version that is currently in production. This way at all times we will know what piece of code was pushed during deployment.
So far this is what I had in mind.

-trunk - Main solution and project
-Dev br

How to fix source is empty error in XML source while using Foreach loop container in SSIS 2012?
by Pug in Coding

I have an issue with a very simple task in SSIS 2012.

I have a for-each container that runs in FOR-EACH-FILE Enumerator mode. I want to read a target folder with XML files. The path to the folder is correctly configured. The files field is set to *.xml

The variable mapping is defined with the follwing Variable: User::FileVar , Index 0.

Now I add a simple dat

Generate XSLT to map source value structures to destination field depending on source content
by Gipsy.D in Web Design

I have a source list of xml in this format:

<value>Hello World</id>
<value>Goodbye World</id>

How to edit and run the source code of an android open source native app on an emulator?
by jbcrail in Android

I have successfully downloaded the source code for the AOSP Native Music Player and plan on building my own custom music player off of this basic build (I'm assuming this is legal because the code is open source). The problem I have is that even with minor code change and renaming the package, the emulator still seems to think that my app and the android Music app are the same. When I click run

Automatic Integration of Open Source Repositories into our Source Code Repository
by Alex Bartzas in Development Tools & Services

I wonder if there is a common way for an automatic integration of foreign repositories into our source code repository.

E.g. our company host its own source code repository A, we're using a library which is build from an open source project B.

In order to build B a manual effort has to be done:

Check for new revision of B in open source repository
If new

Addressing concerns over using open-source libraries in closed-source projects
by static AG in Web Design

Background: There are a couple of concerns that are not core business for us. They are essential to our core business, but we have no business writing on our own, in terms of manpower, time, and expertise. I am familiar and very comfortable with some open-source implementations, using closed-source-friendly licenses, that could fill these gaps. Closed-source alternatives I either could not find

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