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C# email to gmail marked spam but from thunderbird client are delivered as normal (non-spam)
by clamum in Programming Languages

I've a small vps where is installed mailenable mailserver.
I've already checked PTR , reverse DNS and server configuration, all is ok.

If i send an email from Thunderbird to a gmail address all is ok and the mail is not marked as spam, this is the header:

Delivered-To: antani2@gmail.com
Received: by with SMTP id f8csp54812oek;
Fri, 18 May 2

How to Create a Spam Folder & Delete Spam Messages in Trend Micro
by Max Derov in Computers
Trend Micro, in its efforts to offer virus protection for clients and servers, provides a method of blocking malicious email messages that may be phishing attempts or contain other harmful attacks on your system. Trend Micro offers this feature in two of its programs: ScanMail for Exchange and Worry-Free Business Security. When you enable this part of the program, it creates a separate "Spam Mail"

PHP plugin to calculate spam assassin spam score?
by Kubla Khan in Programming Languages

I have spam assassin on my hosting server. Is there any way to plug into it and calculate the spam score of an e-mail, before it is sent out? Preferably not invoking spam assassin directly.

What Criteria Do Spam Filters Use to Identify Spam?
by Braxos in Internet
Spam filters are specially designed to identify junk email the recipient may not want, as well as emails that may contain harmful attachments or scams. Sometimes, spam filters may accidentally mark emails from your friends and family members as spam. So what criteria do spam filters use to identify spam? OriginsSpam filters will look at the origins of the message when determining whether or not

What Does Spam Mean?
by Seba in Internet
Spam is unwanted or unsolicited e-mail, frequently sent in large quantities to scores of addresses to infect computers with viruses or try to obtain money in a nefarious manner. Spam e-mail ranges in sophistication from content that comes from a reputable company to ridiculous banter that makes no sense. HistoryThe application of the word spam is unclear, but most attribute it to a funny sketch
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What Is Spam? :
by cubeless in Internet
Much of spam email is simply deceptive advertisements, attempting to entice the reader to click on links to view a product or service. Some spam emails, however, link to sites that place spy ware or viruses on your computer. In recent years, spam got so out of hand that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) presented the Can-Spam act, making most of these kinds of emails illegal. FeaturesThe FTC d
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What Is Web Spam?
by bjorngylling in Internet
Connecting to the World Wide Web gives us access to a vast network of informative and informational websites. However, some of these sites pose serious safety risks. Scams, viruses and spy-ware spread quickly through a few websites. Learning about Web spam and how malicious websites use it empowers Internet users to protect their personal information and their computer. The FactsThe term Web sp
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How to Get Rid of Spam Pop-Ups
by enginecrew in Internet
Pop-ups are small advertisements that pop up on your computer screen. Generally, pop-ups are generated by the website that you are visiting. While pop-ups may have some benefits, such as alerting you to new products, most users do not like pop-ups because they obstruct the web page you are trying to view and may slow your computer. Fortunately, most web browsers allow users to turn on a pop-up blo
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What Is a Spam Bot?
by CodeOfficer in Computers
A spambot is an automated computer program designed to search the Internet and collect, or harvest, email addresses that can be used to send spam to. Some law enforcement agencies in the United States and Europe have specifically targeted spambots to help fight spam. In addition, many websites have taken elaborate steps to try to foil spambots by making their email addresses difficult to collect.
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How to Get Rid of Spam
by eastcoastj in Internet
When using an email address, eventually unwanted messages begin to flood your inbox. Over time, some email accounts can feel unusable; there's no way to find the personal and business messages you want through all the spam. Learn to use your email so you'll be well on your way to a clean, pleasant email experience.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Consider having more than one email account: one for
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