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The Best Spanish Software Available That Also Teaches How to Write in Spanish
by nascentmind in Education
According to Top Ten Reviews, Tell Me More Spanish is the best available software to learn the Spanish language. Among the available lessons are those on how to write in Spanish. The program contains several features that range from an English to Spanish dictionary to lessons in geography and culture.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Put the Tell Me More Spanish CD into a computer. Give it

How to Communicate in Spanish When You Do Not Speak Spanish
by Krysole in Travel
Trying to communicate in a language you don't speak can be frustrating. Trying to speak Spanish when you don't speak Spanish is no different; however, there are a few steps you can take to get your point across even with the language barrier between you. Besides asking if the person speaks your language, you can utilize a phrasebook, make hand gestures or even create a drawing to communicate what

Spanish Tax Law
by orneka in Legal
The Spanish national tax authority levies personal, corporate, consumption and other taxes to finance government services and activities. Local Spanish government tax authorities also levy corporate, property and other types of taxes.
In Spain, the tax year corresponds to the calendar year. Taxes are to be paid annually between May 1 and June 30, as in the case of personal income taxes, or
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How to Win at Spanish 21
by Rob in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Spanish 21 is one of the more popular variants of blackjack that is found in casinos across the world. Although the name may scare some people away--as it sounds as if some knowledge of a foreign language is required to play--it's actually not that difficult to learn the rules. Winning, however, requires you to think carefully about the differences between Spanish 21 and "regular" blackjack.Diffic
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How to Take the GED in Spanish
by Madmick in Careers & Job Searching
The American Council on Education (maker of the GED series) offers a Spanish language version of the GED. Many Hispanic Americans can take the GED in Spanish if their English is not good enough for them to take the full test in English.
There are two important things to consider if you take the GED in Spanish, (1) the minimum passing standards are the same for all language editions of the
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How to Say Spanish Greetings
by alexandruz in Travel
When traveling in a Spanish speaking country, it is very important to know how to say Spanish greetings. You will greet people in restaurants, hotels, attractions and even people you do not know. Therefore, you should know a few Spanish greetings before you begin to travel.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Say "buenos días" for good morning, "buenas tardes" for good afternoon, and "buenas noches

How to Say Greetings in Spanish
by Tmf in Travel
The Spanish language has dozens of possible greetings. Some are more formal than others, and the most commonly used terms, like hola, sometimes sneak into English sentences. In formal writing, the greetings posed as questions have two question marks. The first one is upside-down and placed at the beginning of the question.

How to Say Your Name in Spanish
by Matt1970 in Culture & Society
Introducing yourself by saying your name is usually the first part of any conversation with someone you don't know. There are various levels of formality in structures to say your name in Spanish, and you should know which one to use in a given situation so you don't sound impolite or too formal. After saying your name, it is customary to ask the other person his name as well. Learning how to do s
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How to Use 'A' and 'En' in Spanish
by onurtopcu in Education
Once you've got Spanish down pretty well and you're forming your own sentences, it can get tricky determining whether to use 'A' or 'En' to express where, when and how things are. Generally speaking, in Spanish 'a' is used as a connector between ideas, concepts and styles. 'En' is usually used for locations and things of physical presence. Talking about time is the most difficult because it uses b
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The Best Spanish Red Wines
by Ichinisan in Food & Drink
Spain is well known as a wine producing country, and produces a number of wine grape varieties. It is particularly well known for its red wines, which often combine spicy, berry flavors with earthiness and sophisticated tannins. Spain's diverse climate means it is ideal for wine production. TempranilloThe word Tempranillo in Spanish means "little early one," and this refers to the grape's early
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