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What Is Spatial IQ?
by Lex Viatkine in Health
In "A Framework of Intelligence," Robert Kamp defines spatial intelligence (or spacial IQ) as relating to "mental rotation, mirroring, translation, comparing shapes, estimation of angles and relative distances and searching." In other words, it relates to your ability to recognize objects and shapes, and see how they relate to one another. If you can look at pieces of a puzzle and see how they fit
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What Are the Four Spatial Dimensions?
by Mark Tran in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A spacial dimension refers to the number of coordinates required to locate a point in space. For example, a point on a Cartesian plane, a two-dimensional construct, requires only two coordinates to describe its location -- x and y values. A point in three-dimensional space requires x, y and z coordinates because space has the added dimension of height. Scientists have proposed additional dimension

What Is a Spatial Reflex?
by Twista in Sports & Fitness
A spatial reflex isn't a single reflex but rather a coordinated set of reflexes. Your spatial sense is your ability to perceive where you are in space. Many of the reflexes in this set are referenced in the saying, "A cat always lands on his feet." It is a commentary on an almost innate ability to understand our environment spatially. BalanceLike spatial reflexes, balance is a set of physiology

What Are Spatial Skills?
by acacio in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Spatial skills are mental processes that allow us to visualize an image in our head and manipulate it. These skills are used in many daily activities such as writing, building, hiking, video games and organizing tasks or objects. When you look at a map and visualize the path you must take, you are using spatial skills. Spatial skills can be increased through training. Playing video games, drawing,

How to use Lucene 4.0 Spatial API?
by demetris in Development Tools & Services

I cannot find any complete examples of how to use this API. The code below is not giving any results. Any idea why?

static String spatialPrefix = "_point";
static String latField = spatialPrefix + "lat";
static String lngField = spatialPrefix + "lon";
public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
SpatialLuceneExample spatial = new SpatialLuce
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What Is Spatial Sampling?
by DeadFred in Careers & Job Searching
Researchers who want to determine the distribution of certain properties over geographic space are usually faced with sampling limitations. For example, a mining company that wants to know the percent content of ore in a mine can't test every inch of the mine's area to determine its contents. The company might instead use spatial sampling to test representative samples across the entirety of the m

What Is a Spatial Index?
by Stephen Judge in Computers
In database design, an index is a data structure that takes the value of one or more columns, or fields, as input and returns the corresponding records quickly. A spatial index is an index on a column containing spatial data or, in other words, data representing the length, area and volume of lines, surfaces and other objects. Spatial data is often used in computer-aided design, map making and geo
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What Is Spatial Communication?
by IHateMyJob2004 in Culture & Society
Spatial communication affects people every day, yet few people have even heard of it. It takes into account the physical distances between people as they interact and converse with one another. One of the most groundbreaking developments in the field of spatial communication was the notion of "personal reaction bubbles;" the oft-used phrase "personal space" is a byproduct of this idea. Indeed, the

Neo4j spatial php example
by Bong Munoz in PHP

I'm looking for a very basic example of using neo4j spatial features from php, preferably with the use of this library neo4jphp

i want to store a list of venues with their latitude and longitude

how do i store such information? can the lat and long be stored with the other venue info in one node?

how do you find venues around some given point?


Huh no spatial info bah
by php in Web Design

Hi I am new to using Solr 3.6.1. I am attempting a geospatial search using solr, whose index is imported from MySQL using DIH. I can see that there are lat & lng data (but not latlng) returned from the *:* query.

Problem: When I attempt a geospatial search, I get no results returned. I only get results when I increase the search distance d to a very lar

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