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Bermuda Resort Specials
by Londo_Jowo in Travel
Bermuda is an island nation and British overseas territory located in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 650 miles off the coast of North Carolina, with a population of about 68,000 people. A well-known "off-shore" business destination and tax haven, Bermuda is also a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful scenery and pink sand beaches. Bermuda is home to several resorts featuring centr

How to Find Disneyland Specials
by denis280 in Travel
Although it's possible to find many discounts for Disneyland tickets, shopping and dining, keep in mind that these discounts tend to be small. You won't be able to find a "50 percent off" voucher for Disneyland anywhere. Still, small discounts add up, especially if you're saving money not only on the tickets, but also on other expenses once you're inside the park. Ticket DiscountsThe

How to Get Specials Menu on Spiderman 3 for PS2
by Erik Ordway in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Most games these days have some sort of unlockable bonus for completing various side quests, everything from new costumes to new modes of play. "Spider-Man 3" for the PlayStation 2 is no exception, the unlockable "Specials" menu being used to enter cheat codes and open hidden gameplays modes when it is found. Of course, in order to unlock the "Specials" menu, you'll need to invest quite a bit of p

Kendo Grid Specials Characters
by GAM3RIG in Programming Languages

I'm using a Kendo Grid to read JSON datas.
"contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8"," is indicated but the specials characters as 'é', 'à', etc ... aren't encoded and appear like "%Ã" or something else. How to dispay them as "é", "à", etc... ?

Is there a way to get the number of specials unlocked from Foursquare API
by Pierre LeBoo in Development Tools & Services

I am trying to extract the number of specials unlocked at a venue from the Foursquare API, however I can only find a list of current specials. Is this possible? What is the end point?

Winter Specials in Vancouver, BC Hotels
by Pradeep Gowda in Travel
Vancouver is a popular vacation destination. It's located in the southwest corner of British Columbia, Canada. From its magnificent mountains to its ocean views, visitors flock to Vancouver to take advantage of the city's year-around mild temperatures. Vancouver has a lot to offer travelers in the winter season. In 2010, it hosted the Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games. A number of hotels have

Restaurants With Thanksgiving Specials in Minneapolis
by akiin in Travel
Minneapolis restaurants with Thanksgiving specials are available, although many must be booked in advance. On this special day, many restaurants bring out special menus and dining options. One special bonus of dining in a restaurant on Thanksgiving is that you may be able to dine on something non-traditional. Turkey and stuffing meals are available, but diners interested in items such as seafood a

San Diego Hotels Honeymoon Specials
by Fırat Can Başarır in Travel
San Diego is a Southern California city known for its beaches, warm climate and nightlife. People from all over flock to San Diego every year to take cruises, relax on the beach, shop, hear live music and visit Legoland, the San Diego Zoo, Sea World and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The city's beautiful scenery and mild weather make it a popular spot for honeymooners, and many hotels in the area

How to Find the Best Maui Airfare Specials
by odunthorne in Travel
A clear blue ocean and sprawling skies envelope Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands. With temperate weather, breath-taking views and fresh food, the only thing that tops Maui are great prices on airfare to take you there. Finding the best Maui airfare specials is as easy as relaxing next to the ocean.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Avoid traveling during peak season. The peak season for Ma

How to Select Happy Hour Specials
by dlock13 in Parties & Entertaining
Specials set the tone for your business's happy hour, so select food and drink that will keep customers talking and keep them coming back for more. Knowing what to serve in those in-between hours to whet appetites while wetting whistles is key. Choose or downsize items from your larger menu, or create bar food or small plates to fit your theme. Make specials "special" with great pricing.Difficulty

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