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How to find graphics card core speed, memory speed, and shader speed (if applicable) in C#?
by Viren in C & C++ & C#

I'm working on a project for my Software Engineering class at my University with a couple teammates. For details about the program we're creating check our website. It's a C# Windows Form Application developed in Visual Studio 2010.

We are having trouble retrieving some of the graphics card information we are looking for. Specifically, the graphics card's core clock speed, memory cl

Difference Between Regular High Speed & Ultrahigh Speed Internet Service
by Tom Clark in Computers
Broadband Internet connectivity opens new possibilities for subscribers. Also referred to as high-speed access, this relatively new technology offers data throughput handling hundreds of times faster than convention dial-up service. This enables users to experience rich multimedia content in real time. It also allows complete software packages to be downloaded directly to the end user's machine, w

How do I Check the Speed of a Variable Speed Audio Tape Cassette Player?
by undeinpirat in Electronics
A variable-speed audiotape cassette player enables tapes to be played slower than is normal. This enhances the experience when playing an audiobook cassette or listening to a tape that is full of hiss and other noise "contaminants." To check the speed of the variable-speed knob, use a stopwatch and an audiobook cassette. The procedure is straightforward and will not damage the cassette player in a

PHP Speed Test for user connection speed without echo in current page
by tjh0001 in Programming Languages

I am looking for a possibility to check the user connection speed. It is supposed to be saved as a cookie and javascript files as well as css files will be adapted if the speed is slow.

The possibility for testing speed i have at the moment ist the following

$kb = 512;
echo "<!-";
$time = explode(" ",microtime());

How can I speed up Visual Studio 2010 text editor render speed?
by Ingo in Development Tools & Services

Visual Studio 2010 moved to using WPF for rendering the editor. This is leading to slowdowns while I am editing code, especially if I'm running something else that uses other video capabilities.

How can I speed this up? A new video card? New drivers? Settings?

What technologies does WPF use to render and what video card would complement it?

How do I break a moving objects speed up into its X and Y velocity given a fixed speed/angle?
by Josh Freed in Coding

Math escapes me today.

How do I find the X speed and the Y speed of an object if it is going at a defined speed (say, 5 pixels/second) at a 45 degree angle?

Internet connection speed vs. Programming language speed for HTTP Requests?
by DSLer in Programming Languages

I know how to program in Python but I am also interested in learning C++. I have heard that it is much faster than python and for the programs I am writing currently, I would prefer them to run as quickly and efficiently as possible. I know that a lot of that comes from just writing good code but I was also wondering if using another language, such as C++, would help.

While I was p

How Can I Check the Speed of My High Speed Cable Internet Connection?
by Anthony Perkins in Internet
There are numerous websites you can use to measure the speed of your Internet connection. These websites queue up a small file that your computer downloads (the file is safe and is deleted after the test is complete). The amount of time it takes your connection to download the file is used to determine the speed of your cable Internet connection.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Improve write speed for high speed file copy?
by LittleCodeShop in Programming Languages

I've been trying to find out the fastest way to code a file copy routine to copy a large file onto a RAID 5 hardware.

The average file size is around 2 GB.

There are 2 windows boxes (both running win2k3). The first box is the source, where is the large file is located. And the second box has a RAID 5 storage.


How to Calculate Speed Based on Wheel Speed & Tire Diameter
by Pat in Cars
A vehicle transfers power from the engine through the transmission and differential. The gears in these components result in a wheel speed expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm). From the wheel speed rpm, the size of the tire determines the final road speed of the vehicle. The calculations can be applied to any vehicle, from a bicycle to a semi-truck.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Calculate

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