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How to Make a Spherical Map
by Al Velella in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Spherical maps, also referred to as globes, can display landforms visually in a more accurate way. If you are teaching students about cartography or world geography, it can be helpful to provide your students with a hands-on project making a spherical globe out of craft materials. Students can paint landforms onto the globe to show how the Earth appears in its natural form, as opposed to a flat, l
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Uses of Spherical Mirrors
by Simon Capewell in Home & Garden
Spherical mirrors, sometimes called convex or fish-eye mirrors, bend outward over a rounded surface. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are shaped either as partial sections of the sphere or as a whole ball. The spherical mirror at Bristol's Millennium Square is a famous example of a giant reflective sphere. Beyond artistic pieces, the spherical mirror is a helpful device found i

Uses of Spherical Magnets
by soonk in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Spherical magnets are like other magnets in structure. They have a north and a south pole and are attracted to iron, cobalt, nickel and other ferromagnetic materials, as well as other magnets. Their spherical shape, however, lends them to some special uses that other magnets aren't designed for. Magnet BraceletSpherical magnets can form a long chain, with the negative pole of each magnet attrac

How to Calculate Spherical Trigonometry
by cynix in Education
Spherical trigonometry is a area of geometry that deals with the triangles on the surface of a sphere. This branch of trigonometry developed in the early eighth century and has been used in navigation, stellar mapping, making geographic maps and improving sundials.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Calculator with trigonometry functions


Definition of Spherical Geometry
by kodeninja in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In mathematics, spherical geometry is the study of lines, angles and shapes on a spherical surface. Spherical geometry differs from the more familiar plane or Euclidean geometry in several important ways, mostly having to do with the behavior of lines and angles. Spherical geometry has a wide range of real-world applications, particularly in mapping the surface of the Earth and other planets. E

Spherical Harmonic Functions
by afds in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Spherical harmonics are solutions to a few of the partial differential equations used in physics, such as the Laplace, Helmholtz and Schrodinger equations, in which spherical coordinates are used. Spherical coordinates describe the coordinates on a sphere. The general procedure is to rewrite the partial differential equation as two equations, where one is a function of the radial component and the

How to Calculate Spherical Harmonics
by The Merg in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The spherical harmonics are a set of orthogonal functions useful as "basis functions." Any well-behaved function can be expressed as the sum of a series of basis functions. The spherical harmonics are analogous to the Fourier series, except the spherical harmonics form an appropriate basis set for situations with spherical symmetry. One important example: the motion of electrons about atomic nucle

How to Make Spherical Bearings
by Master843 in Careers & Job Searching
Ball bearings are small balls of metal that are extensively used within millions of everyday applications. The ball bearing forming is a very precise process, as the final products often need to be identical, sometimes within up to 30 millionths of an inch. Some common applications for ball bearings include cars, planes and microwaves.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need

How to Use Spherical Silver Amalgam
by André Rocheleau in Health
Spherical silver amalgam is a material used to fill cavities in your teeth. It is produced by mixing liquid mercury with metals, called alloys. The spherical silver amalgam is named for the round metal particles it contains and its gray color. It is not used in front teeth due to its unflattering appearance, but is ideal for cavities in the back of your mouth. Because it is strong and resistant to

How to Make a Spherical Ottoman
by fayoh in Home & Garden
Ottomans can serve as footrests or even as formal coffee tables. To add a playful accent to a room, you can make a spherical ottoman that matches or complements your other furniture’s upholstery. You won’t be able to set a tray of coffee on it, but you can rest your feet on it or use it as an extra seat. If you place against a wall or couch, you can use it as a backrest when you sit on


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