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Spiritual Gifts vs. Spiritual Fruits
by Sweden in Culture & Society
Spiritual gifts are given to believers in Christ by the Holy Spirit. These gifts vary from person to person, but come from the same Spirit. Spiritual fruits, also called "fruits of the Spirit" are virtues of the Spirit that believers aim to exhibit. These fruits are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These characteristics, or virtues, are wha

What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual?
by ShayH in Culture & Society
The modern quest for spirituality leaves many with varying ideas about what "being spiritual" really means. Is someone spiritual if he prays? Is someone spiritual if she seems to have a connection to God or some higher deity? While there may be no consensus as to what modern spirituality really means, an exploration of the origins and implications for Christian spirituality can give some insight i

How to Become More Spiritual
by soonk in Culture & Society
If you want to become more spiritual it only takes a few short steps and the results will astound you. You'll feel better, think clearer and bring more joy into your life. Spirituality has very little to do with organized religion, prayers or chanting. It's more of a lifestyle and a state of mind. If you loathe stress and living with a dog-eat-dog attitude, here's how to become more spiritual.Diff

How to Get a Job Being a Spiritual Motivator
by krs in Careers & Job Searching
A spiritual motivator is in a unique position. The job of a spiritual motivator is to teach, support and guide others on their spiritual path. Spiritual motivators are often self-employed, or they may work for a religious group. The spiritual motivator has dedicated his life to living a spiritual path. The spiritual motivator is often considered a "Guru" or very learned master. This position is no

How to Cleanse Your Inner Spiritual Self
by kivava in Culture & Society
You probably spend a portion of your day taking care of your body and your home, and perhaps you take care of others in your life. Consider how much time you spend taking care of your spirit. Even people who believe that there is a spiritual self often neglect to care for it. When your spirit is out of balance or clogged with negative energy, it can carry over into other aspect of your life. Set a

How to Do a Spiritual Cleansing
by you2 in Health
Performing a spiritual cleansing on another person can be challenging and takes a great deal of focus and preparation. It is not meant to replace any kind of medical treatment, but it can be effective in maintaining both spiritual and physical health, if used regularly. If a close friend or loved one has come to you for a spiritual cleansing, gather your ingredients, find a neutral room to perform

Spiritual Uses of Orange Oil
by ezzze in Culture & Society
Orange oil is used in many everyday items, from cosmetics and cleaners to chocolate and liqueurs. Orange oil is made by cold pressing orange peels, much the same way olive oil is pressed from olives. The spiritual uses of orange oil stem from its medicinal benefits and mood elevating properties. Orange oil is an anti-inflammatory, an anti-depressant and a sedative. AromatherapyUse orange oil in

What Is Spiritual Music?
by aafr in Arts & Entertainment
Spiritual music covers a wide range of possible definitions and examples. Early religious texts contain songs and hymns that exalt their author's conceptions of deity. Spiritual music takes people out of their normal state and delivers them into a profound experience of connectedness and love. At other times, spiritual music expresses a desire for escape from difficult circumstances into something

How to Become a Spiritual Writer
by DSLer in Careers & Job Searching
Perhaps you feel a calling to be a spiritual writer, it is a desire you just cannot ignore. Being a writer, spiritual or otherwise requires preparation and dedication. Overheard at a Christian writer’s workshop, "Writing is easy; just stare at a blank screen until great drops of blood pour from your forehead." It involves inspiration and perspiration to be a good spiritual writer.

How to Be a Spiritual Person
by Matt in Culture & Society
Spirituality is more prevalent now than it was twenty years ago thanks to Oprah and magazines like Yoga Journal and Spirituality & Health. If you're on a spiritual path and would like some fresh inspiration, you've found some here.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Unconditional love
Respect for others
Inner beauty
Kindness and compassion
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