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missing spree gem, can t install it
by PrinceMyshkin in Programming Languages

I have cloned a git repository of a project, that is using spree, and I want to run it on localhost.

But as I said in an article, I can not install spree gem:

$ rake gems:install
Missing the Spree 0.10.2 gem. Please `gem install -v=0.10.2 spree`, update your SPREE_GEM_VERSION setting in config/environment.rb for the Rails version you do have installed, or comment

Issue with Spree Deploy
by static AG in Programming Languages

I'm trying to set up spree and I'm wondering if there are any prerequisites? I have done everything the documentation has told me to run, including update configuration. However, I get a 404 on my EC2 server.


Relationships with Spree::Products
by DaveF in Programming Languages

I'm using Spree in my Rails 3.2 app and I'd like to know how can I create relationships between some models I'have defined myself and Spree::Product.

For example, in a clothing store I'd like do group products (Spree::Product) by Collection (now Collection is a hypothetical model of mine).

How do I declare a has_many r

Dynamic filter in spree
by Chunkee in Programming Languages

I use spree(v. 0.70.5) an I need realize dinamic filters for product. Options for the filter defined by the current taxon.

What should I do?

How to: relationships between Spree::Product and your other models
by Zivic in Programming Languages

in my Rails 3.2 app with Spree I'd like to have a WishList model that has a has_many relationship regarding to the Spree::Product model provided by Spree. I have already created a decorator class to declare a belongs_to relationship into Spree::Product but how can I refer to Spree::Product inside another model I've cr

How to personalize account view in Spree
by Neil Redfern in Programming Languages

I'm actually developing on Spree ECommerce solution, and I would like to personalize the "account" view ( ), but I can't find it in the /core of Spree.

I'm also searching for the spree_auth_devise Gem to personalize it, but I can't understand how it work.

Cannot find the right way in the documentation of spree.

If someone has a clue,

changing complete layout in spree
by George H. in Programming Languages

I am working on spree 1.0.0 and have been doing some research on it
for my e-commerce site.

I have already made and used some existing extensions in my app. Now,
I am working on layouts and have been trying to figure out that what
are the best possible ways for that.

My need is that I have to change the complete front end layout of my
store in compari

How do I create a theme in spree commerce
by Alex Sadzawka in Programming Languages

I'm using the spree ruby on rails ecommerce gem and I have the blue theme installed:

gem 'spree', '0.70.3'
gem 'spree_blue_theme', :git => 'git://github.com/spree/spree_blue_theme.git', :branch => '0-70-stable'

I'd like to customize the theme. For instance changing it from blue to orange.

How do I do this?

How to override lib/spree/search/base.rb
by DrMrLordX in Programming Languages

I need to override the get_products_conditions_for method in this class, what's the best way of doing this?

I've tried adding this to an initializer:

Spree::Search::Base.class_eval do
def get_products_conditions_for(base_scope, query)
base_scope.like_any([:name, :description], query.split) | base_scope.joins("JOIN taggings on taggings.

how to install volume pricing with spree 1.0
by Lepton87 in Programming Languages

I am working with rails 3.1.1 and Spree 1.0. Now I found a gem that really suits my requirements and that gem is spree volume pricing.

I read that the version of spree should be the same as this gem, so this gem only has the version 0.70 so I guess I have to install Spree 0.7 and now is when everything start crumble.

I would like to see a GemFile running "volume pricing"

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