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How to Upgrade to a Spree Camper
by CWC in Cars
Whether you have been spending your outdoor adventures in a tent, pop-up camper or tag-along trailer, you can upgrade to a Spree camper with minimal planning. Spree campers are available in several sizes and floor plans, making it easy to find one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. With standard large interior cabinets, sky lights and outside speakers, you are certain to feel right at home

Relationships with Spree::Products
by DaveF in Programming Languages

I'm using Spree in my Rails 3.2 app and I'd like to know how can I create relationships between some models I'have defined myself and Spree::Product.

For example, in a clothing store I'd like do group products (Spree::Product) by Collection (now Collection is a hypothetical model of mine).

How do I declare a has_many r

Dynamic filter in spree
by Chunkee in Programming Languages

I use spree(v. 0.70.5) an I need realize dinamic filters for product. Options for the filter defined by the current taxon.

What should I do?

Adding pages to Spree
by James Dio in Programming Languages

I'm working on a application utilizing Spree, I want to add essentially static pages to my application within the spree framework. For example I want to have a page that uses the layout I already have designed for Spree (including things such as search, user info etc) and lists two different categories of products within spree with links to them. I tried the spree-static-content extension but

TAGS : Adding pages Spree

I18n InvalidPluralizationData errror in Spree
by seigel in Programming Languages

I using Spree.
When I fill with enpty content I get the following error

I18n::InvalidPluralizationData in Spree/checkout#update_registration
Showing /home/itsnikolay/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p194@rails3/gems/spree_core-1.1.0/app/views/spree/shared/_error_messages.html.erb where line #3 raised:
translation data {:one=>"1 ошибка не позволяет сохр

Is it possible to have nested options on Spree variants?
by jmccliment in Programming Languages

I'm setting up a spree site that allows for multiple different options on each product. Not just color, but size/color/material each with at least 10 options, which means creating the variants from option prototypes generates 1,000 or more variants that each need to manually be edited to represent the correct price for each material… is there a better way to do this? Nested options or somethi

How to Take a San Fernando Valley Shopping Spree
by clifton anderson in Travel
Southern California's San Fernando Valley-or "The Valley," as it is commonly known-plays home to an exciting array of attractions worthy of a visit-and one can't-miss activity is definitely shopping. Here are some tips for experiencing the rich retail oases that dot the sunny San Fernando Valley.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Comfortable walking shoes
Your purse or wallet<

Add custom user roles spree 1.3.1
by Navin in Programming Languages

I am using spree 1.3.1 and Devise gem for authentication and i need to add a user_role called as "partner" who can see orders in admin area but can't create/edit/update/delete any of the orders.

Thanks in advance

adding facebook login to spree 1.0.x
by NoCreativity in Development Tools & Services

I am using spree 1.0.3 and rails 3.1.4. I remember a year ago searching for this and it seemed to be fairly easy with devise and omniauth. However, I can't seem to find any of the concrete tutorials i found before on how to do this. Also, there have been major revisions (spree 1.0, omniauth 1.0) so I'm not sure how valid any of the older tutorials would be (there don't seem to be any new ones).

How to override lib/spree/search/base.rb
by DrMrLordX in Programming Languages

I need to override the get_products_conditions_for method in this class, what's the best way of doing this?

I've tried adding this to an initializer:

Spree::Search::Base.class_eval do
def get_products_conditions_for(base_scope, query)
base_scope.like_any([:name, :description], query.split) | base_scope.joins("JOIN taggings on taggings.

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