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How to Substitute Corn Starch for Potato Starch in Sponge Cakes
by dfuze in Food & Drink
With just a few simple ingredients, you can make this traditional cake with corn starch in place of the commonly used potato starch. Actually, the sponge cake recipe originated with corn starch as an ingredient in the Renaissance era, but these were made as small cakes, similar to lady fingers, that were served with cooked fruits or jams. Sponge cake was one of the first cakes to be made without y

What Is the Difference Between Corn Starch & Liquid Starch for Laundry?
by jch in Home & Garden
Homemade laundry starch is usually a simple solution of powdered corn starch and water. Commercially produced liquid starches add preservatives, sizing and scents to this standard solution according to patented recipes that may differ with each manufacturer. Older starch formulas may have contained other plant-based stiffeners, such as wheat or potato starch. All starches add stiffness to clothing

How to Heavy Starch Pants With Argo Laundry Starch
by Funkwarrior in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Heavily starching pants with Argo Laundry Starch leaves the fabric crisp and wrinkle-free with a mildly stain resistant coating. The process takes a little bit longer than using an aerosol spray starch, due to the preparation time involved, but using a liquid starch is an inexpensive way to apply heavy starch to pants. Argo starch is applied as a dip to wet fabric, and then the fabric is ironed to

How to Make Liquid Starch Without Corn Starch
by vi edit in Home & Garden
Starch stiffens fabric and produces crisp pleats, tucks and lines. Starching and then ironing fabric helps collars and ruffles stand out and produces a smooth finish on the fabric. Most laundry starch is made from corn starch, but you can also make starch from other ingredients. Making starch at home saves you money and allows you to create a recipe that meets your needs for stiffness in your fabr

How to Convert Starch Soluble to Hydroxyethyl Starch
by Poland in Careers & Job Searching
Modified starch slurry, soluble starch, is converted into hydroxyethyl starch by adjusting the pH and adding a salt, according to The Research Triangle Institute. Hydroxyethyl starch is used as a synthetic colloid in fluid plasma substances employed by the medical profession. The Merck Veterinary Manual indicates that colloids are used in plasma substitutes during fluid therapy to prevent edema an

How to Replace Starch With Resistant Starch
by Hubb1e in Health
Scientists have discovered that the starch in some food resists digestion, does not spike blood sugar and provides fiber for intestinal health. They call it resistant starch and studies show that either eating food high in resistant starch or adding the powder to food can help people lose weight and control their blood sugar levels. You can also eat food normally higher in carbohydrates, such as r

Is Potato Starch the Same As Corn Starch?
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Food & Drink
Potato starch and corn starch seem similar, so you may wonder if you can use them exactly the same way. While both are starches, potato starch can be used in instances where corn starch will not work. FunctionPotato starch is a substitute for corn starch or flour for thickening in a recipe. It has a higher heat point than cornstarch. If you need to cook at high temperatures, potato starch will

Potato Starch Vs. Corn Starch
by Mike Bakalov in Food & Drink
There are many ways for cooks to thicken a sauce. Perhaps the simplest is to let it simmer away until evaporation reduces the liquid to a thick consistency. This makes for a flavorful sauce, but produces only a small quantity. A more common approach is to thicken the sauce with a starch, such as cornstarch or potato starch. About Potato StarchPotatoes contain large quantities of starch, which i

How to Starch With Sta-Flo Concentrated Liquid Starch
by Nidleb in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Starch is a chemical liquid laundry solution that is used to stiffen fabrics. Sta-Flo concentrated liquid starch can be used to starch your clothing, table cloths, curtains and other fabric craft projects. According to Sta-Flo, the concentrate has been formulated in a way that allows the iron to move easier over the starched fabric and makes the fabric wrinkle-resistant for a professional finish.

How to Starch a Hat
by Apejoy in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Starching a hat is a great way to shape it the way you want it. You can starch a baseball cap to get the perfect curve on its brim, or a floppy hat that would otherwise be hard to wear. While you can purchase starch, it may be easier and cheaper to make it at home.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Corn starch
Spray bottle

Make the starch water. Bo

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