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How can I start the droid vnc server (start apk and thenc click on start button) from my android app
by Mandaris in Android

When a user starts my application on Android, I want that Droid VNC server be started automatically. I know using intent we can start other APKs. Here when I run the Droid application it shows screen with Start button. Without clicking the Start button the Droid VNC server does not start.

Can either of the following three possible.

From my app can I trigger that start butto

Iphone stopwatch - start, stop and start but doesn't start off with where it left off
by Ryan in Operating Systems

I are trying to make to a stopwatch app and facing problems getting it to work properly. When I start the stopwatch and stop and start off again, it doesn't continue from where it left off. It carries on running as if it didn't stop. Need some guidance on getting it work properly. I have been trying since morning, the rest of the functions i have made as similar to the apple's stopwatch, only t

Cannot call method 'start' of undefined error using Backbone.history.start() and QUnit
by björnen in Web Design

I'm currently writing unit tests for my backbone.js application, and I'm having a few problems testing the backbone routes with QUnit.

Unfortuntely, I'm getting the following error when attempting to run the test. It appears to be on the QUnit module setup when I create an instance of my Backbone Router:

Cannot call method 'start' of undefined


How to make Windows Service start as “Automatic (Delayed Start)”
by xetrill in Programming Languages


A WCF service running as a Windows Service. Account is "User".

What is done:

I have overridden the OnBeforeInstall in the projectinstaller to be able to set username and password from a config file.

What I would be able to do:

I'd like to be able to set the starttype as Automatic (Delayed Start)

What I have tried:

android activty start from service always show even re launching the app. need to start first activity when app is relaunch
by highland145 in Programming Languages

I have an activity A. now i start a service using

startService(new Intent(A.this,Service.class));

now after some times (since it is performing some task in background , you can move anywhere in phone , so lets stay at phone home screen) service stops and start an another activity B (now B is on Top) which show result. Current i am on screen B. my problem is

How to start/stop/redeploy maven web app using cargo start inside Eclipse
by doctorbigtime in Programming Languages

I have Maven2 war project built, I'm using the cargo start plugin, and it works great for deploying the web app. To run the maven command, I use a .bat file in my workspace, and I have en external run config to run the the bat file. I can't seem to stop the server from the Eclipse console, or re-deploy.

Does anyone have any advice on how quickly start/stop/re-deploy to Tomcat loca

Foreach to start from the start for each included page…and not from the last element of the previous for
by Kumar Anand in Web Design

Hi I am including three different pages

{include file="list-myItems.tpl" category="{$category|replace:' ':'}" active="false"}
{include file="list-myItems.tpl" category="{$category|replace:' ':'}" active="false"}
ent {include file="list-myItems.tpl" category="{$category|replace:' ':'}" active="false"}

All of the pages are using the same for loop .

How long does the Android Emulator take to start? Do you need to close/start if every time you change Java code?
by Barry in Java

When developing for Android do you typically need to stop the emulator and restart it every time you make a change to your Java code or is there a faster way? The emulator takes about 1.5 minutes to start for me, is this normal?

jMeter Slave - Server failed to start: java.rmi.RemoteException: Cannot start. ip-10-142-111-66 is a loopback address
by Radeon962 in Java

I created a barebones ec2 ubuntu server with only jmeter installed using hte following..

sudo apt-get install jmeter

This server is designed to be the slaves. when I run sudo jmeter-server I get the below error. This error leaves me with no where to go since its a bare bones ubuntu server and as far as I know the jmeter apt-get install installs all of the d

Does anyone know what “expected SCALAR, SEQUENCE-START, MAPPING-START, or ALIAS” means?
by Bunny loves data in Programming Languages

Could anyone point me in the right direction, as when I save a small serialized hash via file upload to the database it works just fine, however when a large file comes along it errors out with;


Im running Ruby 1.9.3po and rails 3.2.3, sQlite3. Database column is TEXT type with default limit. Using

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