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Regex to ignore paths starting with word or files starting with underscore
by laptop302.vn in Programming Languages

I have been working on a Ruby on Rails project which has greedy asset precompile regex (which is desirable in my case, because I'm not including ):

# in config/application.rb
# this excludes all files which start with an '_' character (sass)
config.assets.precompile << /(?<!rails_admin)(^[^_/]|/[^_])([^/])*.s?css$/

In this same project, I a

How to Lock(Block) an android application from starting / How to stop an android application (service) from starting at boot
by kamyar in Android

I would like to know if there is a way to lock (prevent) an application from starting.

And i also would like to know if there is a way to prevent a service(application) from starting at boot of the device

...i would like to know because i would like to create an anti-malware app.

Perl: How to extract the range of lines starting from “IF” to “END-IF” ignoring the lines starting with a *
by Matthew in Programming Languages

My code tries to extract the range even if the line starts with a * Here is my code:

while (<FILE1>) {
$_ =~ s/^s+//; #remove leading spaces
$_ =~ s/s+$//; #remove trailing spaces
if (/IF/ .. /END-IF/) {
if($_ =~ m/END-IF/) {
$flag = 1;
print FINAL "$_
if ($flag == 1) {

What Is the Starting Pay for an LVN?
by sgmichelsen in Careers & Job Searching
The annual starting salary for an LVN, or licensed vocational nurse, is in the $25,000 to $40,000 range. On an hourly basis, salaries for starting LVNs can vary between $14 to $24. In addition to large regional variances, starting salaries also depend on the specialty of the nurse. In general, LVNs earn less than registered nurses (RNs). DefinitionA licensed vocational nurse typically has one y
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ASP.NET : What does the '#' starting a <% %> mean?
by adapar in Development Tools & Services

I've been using the repeater control in asp.net for awhile now..and every now and then i keep forgetting to add the '#' inside the < %# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "NAME") % >

so i was wondering what does it mean ?

Starting out as an E-4
by Alatar in Business
Civilian employers may recruit new hires with significant experience and provide them with a position higher than an entry-level position to compensate for their experience. The armed forces sometimes allow enlisted recruits to enter service at pay grades and ranks higher than E-1 as is typical for new recruits in a program known as advanced enlistment. While all branches of the military allow tro
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My MDI isn't starting right
by DarkKnightDude in Programming Languages

My C# MDI Application starts in program.cs, which looks like this:

namespace APRSTW
static class Program
public static Form parentForm;
/// <summary>
/// The main entry point for the application.
/// </summary>
static void Main()
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Get all elements of an XML with a tag starting with
by findcontrol in Web Design

I have this XML :

<computer sid="1353323295303">
<match.country result="match" value="FR EU">
<match.country result="match" value="EU"></match.country>

Kia Starting Problems
by Neuromaster in Cars
Kia is immensely popular for manufacturing quality sedans, minivans and coupes at prices that don't break the bank. On at least three separate occasions the Korean car manufacturer has been forced to recall some of its models due to problems that caused engine starting or running problems. In addition, Internet bulletin boards dealing with car problems are populated with Kia car owners reporting p

How to Set Up Starting Blocks
by laptop302.vn in Sports & Fitness
It is important to set up starting blocks correctly to optimize your performance in the first few seconds of a race. The purpose of starting blocks is to give sprinters a solid platform from which to launch their bodies forward when the starting gun fires. If they are set up incorrectly, the sprinter will not be able to explosively rise from the starting blocks. This can mean the difference betwee
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