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How do I create test states with unit testing when those states are internal properties?
by changke in Programming Languages

I have a separate class library that I'm using for all of my unit testing (using nunit). In the test project, I have a helper class that creates test objects for me. When setting up these objects, I need to set some values that I have marked as internal. The reason I do this is because these objects are actually part of a work flow so I would only otherwise be able to achieve these property sta

assign states to list item and retrieve what states they are in - jquery
by Kbotei in Coding

I have a sortable list using jqueryUI. I want each of these lists to have 4 different states. So I've assigned each list item a toggle function. How can I get what states each items are at if say, I were to submit this information via a form? Is this possible at all? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

//state 1

Django - If country field equals United States send ajax request to set state selector to a tuple of US states
by NextInLine in Web Design

In my django form I want to make some type of ajax/jquery request so that if the user selects "United States" as their country, the state field automatically turns into a drop down with all of the states (choices= STATE_CHOICES). How can I accomplish this within Django? I saw DAJAX in search results but am hesitant as I feel like there should be a pretty easy way to do this. Thanks in advance.

Flex (especially Mobile) States - Multiple Simultaneous States?
by Per in Web Design

We know that we can define states in our .mxml. The thing is, our application or component may only be in one of those states at any time.

When programming for Flex Mobile, Landscape and Portrait (orientation) often need to be states in order to easily define whether a control/component/element is [in]visible, (dis/en)abled, or shaded with certain colors. But our app or component al

What Are the Duties of the States in the United States Constitution?
by Gus in Culture & Society
Signed into life in September 1787, the Constitution of the United States created the form that the new government would take. The three branches of the federal government were set up to be distinct entities, each with its own duties, without giving too much power to one branch. The duties of the states are defined as well, making sure that states work with each other and under the federal governm

Which States Are Deed of Trust States?
by Xander in Personal Finance
More than half of the states in the United States use a deed of trust to secure the promissory note to real estate. State law determines which security instrument can be used: a mortgage or a deed of trust. According to RealtyTrac, 30 states and the District of Columbia use this security instrument in real estate transactions. FunctionTo purchase real estate, a borrower signs a note to the len

Which States Are No-Fault Divorce States?
by cakephp in Legal
A no-fault divorce allows a couple to divorce without either spouse having to prove the other engaged in misconduct. All states allow no-fault divorces, with some requiring a specified number of months of separation before the divorce is officially granted. FeaturesTo obtain a no-fault divorce, one spouse must declare a reason for the divorce that is recognized by the respective state. In most

Do United States Citizens Living Abroad Need to File a United States Tax Return?
by The Merg in Personal Finance
U.S. tax laws require most incoming-earning U.S. citizens, including those living abroad, to file a federal income tax return. Because the federal tax code defines gross income for federal income tax purposes as "all income from whatever source derived," any income a U.S. citizen earns worldwide is subject to federal taxation. Filing RequirementsIRS Publication 54 states that for U.S. citizens

Which States Are RN Walk-Through States?
by Daniel E. Renfer in Careers & Job Searching
A walk-through state is a state in which a registered nurse, or RN, may receive a temporary (from eight weeks to six months) license to practice. This process can be completed in as little as one hour, including submitting the necessary paperwork. Keep in mind, however, that applicants must have a current RN license and no encumbrances.
As of 2010, there are 13 states that offer walk-through

Which States Are Caucus States?
by Hugo in Culture & Society
Merriam-Webster defines a caucus as a closed meeting of a group of persons belonging to the same political party or faction usually to select candidates or to decide on policy. In the United States, caucuses are political party meetings organized by precinct, district, or county, whereby members meet to discuss candidates, voice support, and select delegates for the next round of party conventions

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