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The Differences in Mild Steel, Tool Steel and Stainless Steel
by liganic in Home & Garden
Steel, in the most basic terms, is refined elemental iron mixed with carbon to form a stronger material. However, there are thousands of different forms of steel, as it is a chemical process with dozens of possible chemicals added for specific properties. Despite the wide range of different compositions, steel can be categorized into one of three basic families: stainless steels, tool steels, and

How to Remove Rust Spots on Stainless Steel Guns With Steel Wool
by Matthew Damp in Home & Garden
Often exposed to moisture outdoors and indoors, stainless steel guns can end up with rust on the finish. Even though the steel is resistant to pitting and corrosion, it is not impenetrable. Care is necessary to keep guns in perfect condition. Removing rust from the stainless steel surface, as long as it does not penetrate too deeply is possible. Simple, household steel wool pads will do the trick.

Hanging Instructions for Commercial Steel Doors in an Existing Steel Frame
by Granville Barnett in Home & Garden
Steel doors are rated for fire resistance. Commercial steel doors and consumer steel door sizes are exactly the same, but they differ in how long the door will resist temperature. Commercial steel doors, sometimes also known as fire doors, are heavier, but their hinge placement is the same as their consumer door counterpart. You can hang a commercial steel door in any existing frame that is also s

How to Install a Steel Door Frame to Existing Steel Studs
by errornosignal in Home & Garden
Installing a steel door frame to existing steel studs requires the removal of enough drywall to allow for additional framing and the attachment of the jamb. The most common method of attaching a steel door frame to steel studs is to insert door clips into the back of the jamb and screw the studs to it. Metal doors are not shimmed plumb as with wood jambs; instead, they are set plumb during drywall

What Is the Difference Between Steel Dull & Steel Bright Dog Tags?
by cmt95 in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Dog tags were originally designed as a form of military identification to identify soldiers wounded or killed in battle. Dog tags have also become a fashion accessory for non-military personnel. While assigned dog tags come in one standard set, non-military issued tags are more versatile. Bright SteelBright steel dog tags, as the name implies, are made of stainless steel and polished to have a

Cold Rolled Commercial Steel vs. 304 Stainless Steel
by Braxos in Careers & Job Searching
Cold rolling steel is a method that is used to provide a dense, dimensionally precise piece of steel. The most commonly used grade of stainless steel is 304. All stainless steels are a specific alloy mix. Cold Rolled SteelCold rolled steel, also called CRS, is a process used to finish steel. Hot rolled steel is steel that is still warm enough to be malleable and run through pressure rollers. Af

Why Does a Steel Nail Sink But a Steel Boat Float?
by Bulk Beef in Education
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Porcelain on Steel Vs. Glass on Steel Electric Range
by acacio in Home & Garden
Electric ranges were first incorporated into American life in the 1920s when electricity began making its way into the lives of nearly 60 percent of U.S. households. Throughout the decades, this common household appliance has undergone dramatic renovations, and the current appliance industry offers two primary electric range designs: porcelain on steel and glass on steel. While both versions provi

Corrosion When Connecting Stainless Steel With Galvanized Steel
by Jesse in Home & Garden
When two different metals come in contact with each other, there exists a potential for corrosion. This corrosion, otherwise know as galvanic corrosion or dissimilar metals corrosion, is an electro-chemical process by which stray ions migrate between the two metals. The corrosion process is accelerated in instances where moisture is present, as with water pipes, on boats or in humid environments.

How to Attach a Stainless Steel Facade to a Steel Fireplace
by Anthony Perkins in Home & Garden
Give your steel fireplace a modern update by installing a stainless steel facade. Stainless steel creates a contemporary and industrial look, which breathes new life into the look of a steel fireplace. When purchasing stainless steel for the facade, select thin material, as it is easier to work with. With the help of an assistant or two and some time and patience, you'll end up with a sleek, eye-c

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