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How to create stored procedure to calculate beginning stock, stock in, stock out, stock balance in SQL Server 2005
by Leo in Databases

I have 3 tables:

Product (Product_Model, Product_Color, Product_Code)
StockIn (StockIn_Date, Product_Code, Product_SerialNo)
StockOut (StockOut_Date, Product_SerialNo)

I want to create a stored procedure to generate report with requirement fields below:

(beginning stock

How to Earn Money Online as a Stock Photographer - Getting Started With Stock Photography Websites
by Jason Haar in Arts & Entertainment
Stock photography sites like iStockPhoto.com and ShutterStock.com are great money making opportunities for both professional photographers and amateur photographers who are seeking to sell royalty-free photos. Once approved as a stock photography contributor, you can upload your digital photographs onto the website, earning money online every time a customer downloads a royalty-free stock photogra

How to Compute the Weighted Average of Shares Involving Stock Dividends & Stock Splits
by Jason Terhorst in Personal Finance
A stock split is a way for a company to increase its outstanding shares or to make its shares more affordable. The market capitalization of the company remains unchanged because the stock price is adjusted accordingly. For example, if a company issues a 2-for-1 stock split, the stock price is halved, but each shareholder now has twice as many shares. A stock dividend is a payout made to investors

When You Buy Stock Through an Online Discount Broker Are You Buying Common or Preferred Stock?
by mvonballmo in Personal Finance
Purchasing stock through an online discount broker may be the most inexpensive way to invest in the stock market, but that doesn't mean choices must be limited. A discount broker, which provides less tailored services than a full-service broker, can sell investors either common or preferred shares of stock. It is up to the investor to decide whether to buy common shares or preferred shares. Ide

Magento - Credit Memo “Return to Stock” not updating Stock Availability
by swinaz in Development Tools & Services

So when you do a credit memo in Magento, it sets the stock back to the correct level but does not change the "out of stock" back to "in stock" (if applicable). I came across this post by Wright Creatives (http://wrightcreativelabs.com/blog/55-credit-memo-in-stock.html) and it solves this problem. However, the method is too slow! It takes about 30 seconds per product.

I've ultimatel

did yahoo finance api stock returning stock option data?
by redha in Development Tools & Services

i'm using the yahoo finance api for stock and stock option data. this used to work:


that's once of the options for Visa. this doesn't work anymore, and when i go to yahoo finance their option symbols are all differnt now, looking like this:


that's an option for Visa now.

How Does the Sale of Treasury Stock Affect Outstanding Common Stock?
by drudge in Personal Finance
Some companies may implement stock-buyback programs to repurchase outstanding common shares and keep them as treasury stock for later reissuance. The reissuance, or sale, of treasury stock affects outstanding common stock as to the number of shares and the value of the stock equity. Depending on the selling price of treasury stock as compared to its prior repurchase cost, the sale of treasury stoc

How to Tell the Difference Between Real Stock Buying Vs. Stock Short Covering
by Andrew L. in Personal Finance
Some stock purchases are motivated from investors wanting to make a purchase of the stock; that is, they want to add the stock to their portfolio. Another type of stock buying is called "covering." If an investor believes the price of a stock is going down, theoretically, he can sell it today and make a profit by buying it at a lower price in the future. If the stock doesn't go down, however, the

How to Handle the Sale of Restricted Stock When Stock Is Sold at Vesting
by Jason Lin in Business
The sale of restricted stock is a fairly complicated concept in the investment world -- and it is an activity in which few people ever participate. Restricted stock is an equity investment sold to a select few individuals. These individuals may have insider knowledge regarding the company and are generally top executives. Restricted stock must be held throughout a vesting period until it becomes s

Why Is Preferred Stock Often Referred to As the Hybrid of Common Stock and Debt?
by rcpratt in Personal Finance
There are two kinds of stock: common stock and preferred stock. Common stock is the type of share you see frequently quoted in the newspapers and on television. Common stockholders are entitled to a prorated portion of whatever future dividends the company issues, if any, and they are entitled to a vote for the company board of directors, which determines dividend policy and chooses the senior man

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