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Media player will not stop playing audio file after broadcast intent to stop it
by Igor Carron in Programming Languages

I am using the Android MediaPlayer class to play an mp3 file from a running Service class. I wanted to stop the music player from playing if the user stops viewing any of the five Activities.

I tried it by using the code here to send a broadcast intent to the Service that holds the MediaPlayer. That way when the broadcast receiver inside of the Service receives this intent it will

How can I stop user being able to stop design view on a query in Ms Access 2007?
by AnthonyC in Databases

I am about to release some reports in Access 2007 and I need to lock down the Queries so that no one can change the queries does any one know how I can do this in Access 2007?

Please Note: Simply adding a GUI and hiding the "database window" is not enough as people can still get in with the right key stroke etc.

Is there any way we can stop the animate in Jquery (also stop the complete call back function)
by chanley in Web Design

I think the issue is relative with queue in Jquery.
We can use clearQueue() to clear queue to stop any animate, however the clear queue cannot stop the call back function
consider this

$("#sth").animate( { width:'100%' }, 2000, function() {


Android Service to play music and stop on Pause and on Stop
by David Bjornn in Programming Languages

I am implementing MediaPlayer class in my app and I want music played on background, so I used Service instead of Activity or BroadcastReciever. Now the problem is, if user exist or pause the app, music playing on without stopping. I did add onStop and onPause methods, but the problem keeps. And I can't call super.onPause() method like I do in Activity class.

After some research I f

Netbeans Run->Stop Build does not stop the running java processes
by Dennis Caldwell in Java

I'm using Netbeans 7.1.2 on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3.

I have a simple java server (using netty) project and after I build and run the project then try to stop the running by Run->Stop Build it does not terminate the java server process.

For example, my server app uses port 8080 and even after I stop running from the netbeans the port 8080 is in use and the app keeps runnin

Cannot stop java service in Linux using start-stop-daemon
by Vrki in Java

I have a process that is running as a java daemon on Ubuntu Linux.

I cannot stop it using start-stop-daemon command in d_stop() below.

The process id should be written to file $PIDFILE during the start process, but
that is not working.

Here is my script:

#! /bin/sh
# Version: @(#)daemon 1.0
set -

how to stop a series of validators in a validationgroup to stop firing upon error? asp.net
by clamum in Programming Languages

there are 3 validators on an textbox,


some input will trigger all 3 of them, how can I stop firing the rest upon any error?

Any reliable way to stop Internet Explorer (v7, 8) to stop caching PDF files?
by Joe in Programming Languages

An application I work on generates PDF documents and renders them in a browser window. Some of the data in the documents can be considered sensitive so we're exploring how to prevent the browser from caching the document contents. We're using the following Java code which prevents caching in Firefox but doesn't work in IE 8:

response.setHeader("Expires", "0");

How to stop a curl while requesting or stop the running php script?
by Nidleb in PHP

I using url to request remote urls that sometimes may very slow or just down.
In this case, my php scripts still waiting for the response, it makes apache has to many requests stay in memory and then overload.
I need a way to stop curl requesting or stop running php script when specified time passed.
I'd tried declare(), it makes no sense for curl.
Can someone know how to so

How can I stop users to stop bypassing load balancer
by Monev in Development Tools & Services

We have issue with asp application where we have application deployed on 3 servers

Application should be accessed by URL http://app1.us.testdomain/testapp/
Currently we have users who are by passing load balancer url and access application directly on individual server like

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