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Magento's Store's logo & category do not change when click on the product from another store from cart
Category : Web Design

I have the site working with Magento Multistore. All the store have different root category, theme, logo & default message.

When I add one product from store1, go to store2 & add product from store2. When i click on My Cart it will show me both the product from store1 & store2.

The problem is that when i click on product1 from store1 from the cart viewing fro

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how to diferece customers when go to my web since two domains diferents in Magento with same websit, store and store view?
Category : Web Design

i want how to diference between customer of two domains.
For example:

local.pruebas.es --->from spain
local.pruebas.extra --->from extra source.

the two domains go to my site and .extra domain for example from a marketing campaing.

I think that the solution can be create a observer, for example:


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Rails: Moving from Active Record Session Store to a Redis Store
Category : Programming Languages

I have a large application that as many, many thousand active sessions. I want to migrate into a Redis session store using this. And ideally, I want my current sessions to stay active.

Does anyone have any experience in migrating active sessions. I assume I write either a migration or a rake task (I think migration, so I can drop the old table as part of this), and I want to just w

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open_id_authentication - “OpenIdAuthentication.store is nil. Using in-memory store.” problem
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to make the open_id_authentication plugin working.
Initially was doing it with authlogic but abandoned because it feels like much more hassle the help.

The problem is that I am getting OpenIdAuthentication.store is nil. Using in-memory store. warning in the log which prevents from authenticating users correctly.

Here is the log snippet:

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In-depth explanation of Magento's Store / Store View / Website layers?
Category : Programming Languages

Could anybody point me towards a good technical explanation of Magento's Store Views/Websites system on a programming level?

I am considering a customization of the system, but am not yet sure which one of these levels to use.

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iPhone In-App Purchase Store Kit error -1003 “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”
Category : Mobile Programming

I've been working on adding in-app purchases and was able to create and test in-app purchases using Store Kit (yay!). During testing, I exercised my app in a way which caused the app to crash mid purchase (so I guess the normal cycle of receiving paymentQueue:updatedTransactions and calling finishTransaction was interrupted).

Now I am unable to successfully complete any transaction

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Is it a good idea to store hundreds of millions small images to a key/value store or other nosql database?
Category : Databases

I am developing a web system to handle a very large set of small images, about 100 millions images of 50kb ~ 200kb, working on ReiserFS.

For now, it is very difficult to backup and sync those large number of small files.

My question is that if it a good idea to store these small images to a key/value store or other nosql database such as

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Core data fails to open store: “Error validating url for store”
Category : Mobile Programming

I've been working on an app for quite a while and suddenly started to hit this error when the app tries to open a Core Data store. I hadn't made any changes to my data model or the data access code for over a month, so I don't think it can be anything that I'm doing wrong as far as interacting with Core Data. (Meaning, the URLs are ok, the call pattern is ok, etc...)


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Can I write an app in javascript/HTML/CSS and sell it on the app store, google's play,and microsoft mobile app store?
Category : Javascript

I am interested in web standards (js/HTML/CSS). I would like to create applications from them. And sell these applications on mobile stores and web stores (for iphone, google play, microsoft and RIM alternatives).

Is it possible ? If not, what would be the closest way to do that ?

Edit :
... for phones and tablets ?

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IOS/Objective-C I can store objects in a local declared NSMutableArray. Why can’t I store them in same type of array in an object in another class?
Category : Operating Systems

Best related discussions I’ve turned up: Makin an array of Objects in Objective-C. Scanned through links that came up when I prepped this post.

Self-study mode, creating mini-apps to reinforce and extend ideas I get working on book tutorials.

Goal: To store some number of objects (example class ‘Trip’) in a mutable array, contained in another

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