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Auto-updating store opened / store closed being displayed
by Erik Ordway in Web Design

new to this site. I have searched and searched and kept getting referred back to this previous post - Can someone help me adjust this script to determine the image that is displayed during business hours/days?

The previous poster was trying to accomplish the exact thing I am trying to do. I tried the code that was shown in jsfiddle, but I think there is something missing somewhere (

core data can't find model for source store - what did my old store look like?
by gorcorps in Mobile Programming

So first, this question helped a lot with getting on the right track toward working core data versioning. So I added a new version for my model, and now I'm trying to get the automatic migration working, but I have a problem. I can't remember what my old version looked like! I'm trying to run the app on my phone, but I've been using the simulator for a while and made a few changes to the schema

JBoss Seam using LDAP Indetity Store and JPA Identity Store together
by Allan in Development

I've been recently working on a JBoss Seam project (v2.1.1) where I want to autheticate against LDAP/AD and store premissions in a custom DB schema.

The documentation states that this is possible and I saw a text-book example that doesn't work for me since the DB schema is managed by Hibernate. Has anyone out there done something similar? Can anyone provide a good example?

ExtJS 4, store loading, but store.first() method returning undefined
by YBS1 in Web Design

I'm creating and loading a store just fine. However, when I attempt to retrieve a record from the first model instance, using the first() method, it fails.

Here's the code:

var getCaseId = function(){
var csId;
//form url
var getCaseIdStore = Ext.create('Roa.store.district.Requests', {

ExtJs 4 Store's AJAX proxy is not called on Store add — what is missing?
by Braxos in Development Tools & Services

I have a Grid, a Store and Model for its data and AJAX proxy for the Store that is pointing to my self-written PHP back-end. The PHP backend writes to log each time it is called.

The system works OK for Read, Update and Delete calls. However now I need to add new field to Store, which I do in such a way:

(here, some new data were generated...)

var newEntr

MS Foodmart database - what is difference between store sales and store cost?
by chuck1723 in Databases

There is the Foodmart database that was shipped with MS SQL Server 2000 for tutorial purposes. It has a table "sales_fact_1997" that has columns "store_sales" and "store_cost". What is the difference in their actual meaning?
Both store currency info - the amount of money that was involved in a transaction (along with pruduct ID, customer ID, store ID etc). It seems to me, that "store cost"

iPhone Store Kit “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”
by MeldarthX in Programming Languages

I am working on adding In-App purchases to my app.

I am able to receive the productsRequest:didReceiveResponse method, and receive the array of products.

My problem arises when I add a SKPayment to the SKPaymentQueue. After I add the product to the queue, in the paymentQueue:updatedTransactions method the transactions always have the state SKPaymentTransactionStateFailed

Launching Windows 8 Store app from Store notification vs. Start Menu
by Tom Arleth in Programming Languages

I have reports of my Windows 8 Store app hanging & crashing on launch, but only when it is launched from the purchase toast notification. However, if the app is launched from the Start Menu, it works as expected.

So what is Windows doing differently? From this question, apps do receive different activation arguments depending on if it's launched from one of the app's notificat

Semantic Web - Store app data directly in RDF or store in SQL and export/import later
by pad in Databases

I have a standard IIS web application which stores its data in a standard SQL Server or Oracle DB.
I'm now interested in storing the data in RDF format, to go full Semantic Web.

Is it recommended to store data directly in RDF format? CRUDQ operations will be done on the data. Performance wise is this a good move?

If not (like I'm assuming), I guess I'd maintain stan

How can I efficiently store pseudo queries to the database inside their own table, and how to correctly store items with varying attributes?
by pansapiens in Programming Languages

First, I wish to apologize if the title is vague, the question is hard to summarize - please feel free to edit as appropriate.

In a website I am building, I have products within categories (and the categories are being expanded constantly) that have attributes (I can't think of a better word, I apologize for the fact that this crosses with database terminology, but I mean attribute

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