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How to create a Child Story and assocaite it with a Parent User Story using Rally REST API?
by knockout-2.0 in Programming Languages

I'm using the Rally REST API to integrate user story data from Rally into another application. I understand how to create a Story and associate it with a Workspace, Project and Iteration, but how do I insert it as a Child Story and associate it with another Parent Story. Here is what i have tried so far...

Dim restApi As RallyRestApi = RunTimeConfig.GetRallyApi()
Dim djo As

How to Present a Story Board at Library Story Hour
by Virginia in Arts & Entertainment
A storyboard is a means of visually planning multimedia projects, made up of a series of drawings with captions explaining dialog or other things not deducible from looking at the pictures. Storyboards can often be very detailed, and sometimes even come close to looking like a children's picture book. If you're making a movie for children, or are just making kid-friendly storyboards for practice

How to Utilize a Story Board at Library Story Hour
by AnToni00 in Education
A story board can enrich your library story hour by providing more ways to engage your listeners. Children are fascinated by the images that seem to cling magically to a felt board, and they enjoy helping to illustrate the story. Story boards add visual and tactile experiences to your library story hour.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Story book
Felt story board

Bible Story Crafts for the Story of Abraham & Isaac
by greggerz in Culture & Society
The story of Abraham and Isaac is an important lesson in trusting God and understanding that all things happen in His time. Children can learn the values of patience, faith and sacrifice through the stories about Abraham found in the book of Genesis. Help students remember the events from Abraham's life even after they leave class through the construction of simple and fun crafts. Star ProjectG

Difference Between a Color Story & a Design Story in Fashion
by Jarques in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Fashion designers often incorporate a story into their seasonal lines so that each piece is part of a cohesive whole. They may use a color story, colors of the same family, or a design story that uses a unified design theme throughout the line. Fashion merchandisers at retail outlets can also buy select pieces from a designer's line to tell their own fashion story to help give their store its dist

select items from story where story.uid equal to uid or story.uid equal to friend.uid or friend.fid and accepted
by Belgium in Databases

How could i fetch a specific record only and if a condition is met?

I have the code as

"SELECT a.id, a.text, a.uid, a.time
FROM story a INNER JOIN friends b
ON ((a.uid = '" . $uid . "') OR
(b.uid = '" . $uid . "' AND accepted='1') OR
(b.fid = '" . $uid . "' AND accepted='1'))

How to Create a Digital Story in Photo Story 3
by chr6 in Computers
With the advent of the Internet and the widespread deployment of digital photography utilities, digital photo storyboards long ago began to replace physical storyboards. Digital photo storyboards allot the creator the ability to disseminate the story in multiple ways, such as by embedding it in a webpage or printing out a physical copy. And with the help of Microsoft's Photo Story 3, you can creat

How to Play the Improv Game Story, Story, Die
by eroi in Arts & Entertainment
Improv is short for improvisation. Improv comedy has become a popular training tool for actors, as well as popular entertainment, on both television, and live theaters around the world. Improv games can also be played at parties, or used in classroom settings to help students become comfortable performing. “Story, Story, Die” is an excellent game to play with beginners, because al

how to comment a story line in JBehave Story
by Andreas in Programming Languages

I have a story line as follows


Given user is on Login page

When user types login details with xxx as user xxx as passwd and submits

Then dashboard is shown

please advise, how to comment or not to make run for a line(example: 2 line should not undergo for test after 1 directly 3 line)


In Ruby on Rails, why will story.votes return an empty Array object, but story.votes.create will actually invoke a method of the Vote class?
by Hugo in Programming Languages

In Ruby on Rails, say a Story object can "has_many" Vote objects (a story is voted "hot" by many users).

So when we do a

s = Story.find(:first)

s is a Story object, and say


returns []


returns Array

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