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How to Bowl a Strike Every Time in "Silver Strike Bowling 2009"
by Bjørn Håkon in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Silver Strike Bowling" is an arcade game played in bars, restaurants and entertainment complexes across the country. One of the game's draws is that it pits different players and teams in competition with other bowlers around the country. The game uses a trackball to control the movement of the ball and simulates real-life bowling at a lane. To bowl a strike, you must calibrate the speed, angle a

What Is the Difference Between Counter Strike Source & Counter Strike?
by mysql in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The popular Valve team-based online shooter Counter-Strike was updated through the remake Counter-Strike Source in 2004. Due to the popularity of the original Counter-Strike, the updated version received a great deal of attention from players. A number of changes differentiate the remake from the original shooter. EngineThe original Counter-Strike originally surfaced as a modification of Valve'

How to Bunny Hop in Counter Strike 1.6 / Counter Strike Source
by ShiggityShaw in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Bunny hopping is a method of avoiding gunfire in Counter Strike 1.6. The bunny hopping process involves jumping and moving as though a rabbit would. You jump forward and from side to side, making it very difficult for your opponent to aim at you. You may encounter difficulties in aiming while bunny hopping. Practice bunny hopping so you can avoid incoming fire and still hit your opponents at the s

How to Get Better at Third Strike
by Jimmy G. in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Street Fighter 3: Third Strike" is the direct sequel to the popular fighting game "Street Fighter 2." While the game features many recurring gameplay mechanics, such as spin kicks, throws and 2D graphics, there are some subtle additions--like parrying and move canceling--that make the game a lot more complex and technical than your average fighter. Nevertheless, there are a few tips you can keep

How to Go on Strike
by sm625 in Careers & Job Searching
A strike is a drastic measure. But unless you're willing to give up wages for a period of time, you won't get what you want. Corporations expect you to back down if they push hard. Only by striking and drawing bad publicity to the company's practices will you be treated fairly.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Research the history of the labor movement. Read the book "Teamster Rebellion" by Farre
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How to Strike Oil
by Chaos in Careers & Job Searching
The discovery and exploitation of oil deposits is the base of a petroleum economy. The electricity, home heating and transportation systems rely on gas and oil so consumers need to be well supplied with fuels. The processes for drilling an oil well are long and thorough.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Geological surveys
Oil derrick
Drilling equipment
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How to End a Strike
by Mykola Novik in Legal
A labor strike is a financially stressful and personally difficult period for people on both sides of the picket line. Knowing how to end a strike quickly and satisfactorily is important to keeping all parties moving forward with their work and their lives.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Meet quickly and regularly with the opposing side or, if you're not one of the parties of the
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Calculate Dip and Strike
by nologicon in Mobile Programming

How do i calculate Dip and Strike from iphone. They are used to measure rocks.
i have to use compass api how do i get the angle from it.
anyone has idea please give me some idea.

Thank you.

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Best way to strike out a text
by MeldarthX in Mobile Programming

What is the best solution so far for a strike out text on the iPhone?

I heard of multiple solutions:

Something with three20
Image as a subview
And something with a NSAttributedString, but I don't find a working example for that.
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How to Strike Through a Sentence
by Rakehellion in Internet
Strikethrough text formatting is a type of formatting that places a straight line through the center of the affected text. This gives the appearance of that text being crossed out. In the past, there were HTML tags one could use to format text to use the strikethrough option, but these tags were depreciated in later versions of HTML. As of July 2011, the preferred practice is to use CSS to apply s

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