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Problem in appending a string to a already filled string builder(at the beginning by using INSERT) and then converting that to string array(C#3.0)
Category : Programming Languages

I have a string builder like

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("Value1");

Now I have a string say

string str = "value 0";

I did


and then

string[] strArr = sb.ToString().Trim().Replace("
", string.Empty).Split('

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IIS 7.x, adding an HTTPS-enabled site: SiteCollection.Add(string, string, string, byte[]) overload
Category : Programming Languages

I need to programatically add an IIS 7.x site and I got stuck when this should be created with a HTTPS/SSL binding by default, usig SiteCollection.Add(string, string, string, byte[]) overload.

Giving https:*:80:test.localhost https:*:443:test.localhost as bindingInformation throws an ArgumentException with this message: The specified HTTPS binding is invali

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Is there any way to assign Array String to method java.lang.String.endwith(String suffix)
Category : Java

I need to a file's suffix with an array list like

String[] FileType = {"pdf","mp3","jpg"}
File SourceFileToCheckType = new File("C:UsersRSDesktop est.pdf");

using method below.... this method is full off errors how to deal with such situation

public static boolean FileTypeAccept(File SourceFileToCheckType, String[] fileType)
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Removing extra commas from string after using String.Join to convert array to string (C#)
Category : Programming Languages

Quick question here. I'm converting an array into a string using String.Join. A small issue I have is that, in the array some index positions will be blank. An example is below:

array[1] = "Firstcolumn"
array[3] = "Thirdcolumn"

By using String.Join(",", array);, I'll get the following:


Note the extra ,.

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how to convert the string to integer in java if the string is like String str=“ 1234”;?
Category : Java

how to convert the string to integer in java if the string is like this:

String str=" 1234";

note there is space in the beginning of the string. i tried Integer.parseTnt(str) method. But java shows NumberFormatException. Help me how to do?

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How does std::string::c_str() return a c-string that does not cause a memory leak or undefined c-string contents?
Category : Programming Languages

I'm writing a string class that is similar to std::string for a homework assignment, but I cannot figure out how to return a c-string that does not cause a memory leak and is guaranteed to stay the same until it is no longer in use. I currently have:

const char* string::c_str()
char c[_size+1];

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gdb7.5 print utf8 string show string address not string content
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have just installed the latest released gdb--gdb7.5。 when i used it to debug the c++ program which is encoded with utf-8, i set the gdb charset to utf8 with the command" set charset utf-8". However when i want to print a string : char *str = "明天是个好天气" , the "p str" result is the address of the string rather than the content. So is there anyting necessary for gdb t

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concatenating a string and then executing the string statement using =“concatenated string”
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to create a string and then execute it. By this I mean, taking 'A' and '20' concatenating them and then getting the value of A20 in that cell.


="A" & "20" -> doesn't work
=(CONCATENATE("A", "20")) -> doesn't work

Is there an execute function in excel?

=EXECUTE("string value")

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Extract a string in batch based on string matching (remove the matched string)
Category : Operating Systems

I have a string

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 133ms, Maximum = 150ms, Average = 142ms

And a for loop

for /l %%x in (1, 1, 10) do (
for /f "tokens=7,9" %%a in ('ping -n 10 !ipaddr!') do (
if "x%%a"=="xAverage" (

If the 7th token (%a) is "Average" then

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Is String.replace any faster than String.split … String.join in ActionScript 3?
Category : Programming Languages

Is it any faster to use


rather than


for long strings in ActionScript 3? Or are they just two comparable methods of achieving the same result?

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