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Do GUI stuffs on the doInBackground
by SperglordActual in Programming Languages

I read about asyncTask and learnt that onPostExecute and onPrExecute are used to update the UI while doInBackground is used to do heavy operation on another thread.

I was wondering, would it be "bad" to do GUI update on the DoInBackGround. For example, displaying a Toast etc.

Why I want to do that? Because sometime I want to use the results of this long operations to d

how to separate string value of the another stuffs?
by DeeJay1 in Web Design
UIAlertView *myAlert=[[UIAlertView alloc]
initWithTitle:@"Logging in" message:@"you are a member in our website
Welcome Dear %@ ",UserName.text

this code is showing error for me because i put in the string variable wich is the text of a text fie

Drag stuffs, Actionscript 2.0 to 3.0
by findcontrol in Programming Languages

I have done a drag and match flash stuff by using Actionscipt2.0, but now I need to change it to 3.0. After I changed it, the flash can no longer drag the stuffs, can anyone please take a look at the code to see which part I was converting it wrong. Thanks.

Actionscript 2.0 version:

var randomPositionFrame = int(Math.random()*9)+1;

Python: calling 'curses' twice stuffs up my terminal
by Mark in Programming Languages

I'm using curses for a puzzle in a terminal game (Mac OSX, Python 2.6.5). The puzzle involves spinning some dials to open a lock. My code, somewhat simplified (excuse the ugliness):

import curses
dial = ["| -1 |","|-1/3 |","| 0 |","| 1/2 |","| 2/3 |","| 1 |"]
clear = " "
pointer = " ^ "
subdials = [clear,clear]
d = {'d0':{},'d1

removing extra stuffs from content creation page (Drupal 6.x)
by Kocur in Coding

Drupal 6.x

How do I remove collapsible frames - "Authoring information","Revision information", "Publishing Options" - from content creation page? For what is worth, I'm logging in as a regular user and I don't want these controls to be presented to regular users.
P.S : I also like to remove save/preview buttons as well.

Best way to flush or clear Ajax “temp” stuffs in IE7
by Kaveh in Programming Languages

Can any one please let me know, that, i need to clear the "temp" files every time i run the ajax process using php.

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