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Kendo UI CurrencyTextBox styling vs. @Html.EditorFor styling with k-textbox class
by evgen_povt in Web Design

I'm using ASP.NET MVC 4 and the Kendo UI CurrencyTextBox to help with the display of numbers on form on a view. Kendo do not supply standard textbox controls, so for non number textboxes, I use @Html.EditorFor. Kendo supply a number of 'themes' contained within css, I am using kendo.default.min.css. Clearly I want my form to look consistent and have all controls (Kendo or not) looking the same.

HTML element not obeying vertical align styling when float styling is used
by gorbiz in Web Design

I have the following simple HTML and styling (http://jsfiddle.net/ZLNvv/).

<BUTTON class="button"></BUTTON>
<INPUT class="textbox" type=text>

The button is oversized to show clearly that the input box isn't obe

Beyond Data Validation Styling: Styling based on other properties
by xeemzor in Programming Languages

I hope that this question has not been asked elsewhere, but I'm having difficulty finding the right search terms to bring up any already-existing answers to this problem.

I'm implementing a program in C# WPF (MVVM) with many interview-style screens where the user inputs scientific data in an orderly manner. We would like to have the Textbox's and DataGrid

The Difference Between Styling Glaze & Styling Gel
by Rakewell in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Confused about what products to use to get the hair style, shine and texture you want? With so many hair care products on the shelves, it can be hard to know which products are used to control frizz, promote curl, hold hair in place, improve body or add shine. Learn the differences between glazes and gels so you can shop the hair care aisle with confidence. Picking Hair Care ProductsThe hair ca

jquery table styling vs css table styling for alternate rows
by amenx in Programming Languages

Is it faster/better to use CSS with classes on tables for odd/even rows generated on the server or to use jQuery to style stripes on document.Ready()?

I'd like to start using jQuery to make my markup less cluttered but I'm not sure about the performance, particularly for larger (up to 200 rows) tables.

CSS - Styling <body> element vs. styling <html> element
by Rafael V. Souza in Web Design

What are the advantages & disadvantages of styling the <html> element instead of the <body> element?

I have seen it used in many cases such as in a full page background image, or to make an element take up 100% of the view port height.

...but I'm sure there are some limitations. Do you know of any specific browser support issues

css class not applying styling, but id is applying styling?
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Web Design

html for a list that i am making is below. i didnt close the tags for the sake of saving time when writing this question, but in my code the tags are closed.

<a class="nodecoration">




css last ul styling
by mvonballmo in Web Design

I would like to add different styling to my last ul element with the class name footer_list , but none of the following things are working

ul.footer_list:last-child {
border-right: none;
#menu-bottom.pads ul.footer_list:last-child {
border-right: none;

the structure looks as it follows

TAGS : last styling

asp.net styling
by clubbedseal in Programming Languages

I listed two examples of using style propriety for asp.net control.

what is the difference between the to examples?

my goal is to set the style and positions of asp.net controls in my page to be stable in firefox and IE browsers.

and should set the position as absolute or elative.

I have 30 asp.net controls in my page and I'm having

TAGS : styling

how to do css styling
by Thomas in Web Design

A very simple task in hand.. but my browser is laughing on my face with my futile attempts.

How do I style a div class just around the text

So I am using jinja on backend and my html looks like this

<div class="content">
<pre> {{contents}}</pre>

and my css is

div.content {
TAGS : styling

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