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Facebook Graph API: shouldn't /userId/subscribers list subscribers for non-friends?
by Saurabh in Development Tools & Services

From the docs: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/user/#subscribers

I was testing on Graph API Explorer and noticed that I can't get the public subscribers list from a non-friend person through that API connection even when I can see them via http://www.facebook.com/userId/subscribers page.

It retrieves only the summary info with total_

RSS subscribers counter
by ShiggityShaw in Programming Languages

Hello I'm trying to make an RSS subscribers counter using PHP and don't know where to start ? i'm not asking someone to write me the code, but do you know something good to read ? or you can tell me steps to do that ?


php subscribers sql query too big?
by ruby in Databases

In my app, you can subscribe to users to get their updates and such... but if you lets say subscribe to 2000 people the query is going to be way too big and i dont know if its going to work/crash or is the correct way to go...

This is the query that run with 15 subscriptions of a user and his self:

SELECT * FROM updates WHERE uid='433154988124' || uid='643474995854' |

How to get more subscribers on YouTube
by James Dio in Internet
Everyone wants more subscribers on youtube, because this leads to more views, possible sponsorship, and even money. With enough YouTube subscribers you can be earning a few hundred dollars each month. However, how channels do you know that have more than 10,000 subscribers? Not may. In this article, I will give you a few tips, hints, and tricks to get more subscribers and keep them.

How to Get Subscribers on YouTube
by CodeAndLearn in Internet
For the last couple of years, YouTube has seen more web traffic than any other streaming video website. Whether you're advertising your business or just posting humorous clips, this means you have an incredibly large audience to watch your postings. When viewers really enjoy one of your clips, they can subscribe to your account, updating them whenever you post something new. To get more subscriber

How to Get Subscribers for a Digital Magazine
by ShintaiDK in Business
With the print media industry in a state of flux, moving your periodical to the digital realm or turning your blog into a digital magazine is an important move if you want to stay ahead of the curve. There are several tools available, such as Facebook and Twitter, that allow you to interact with your subscribers while obtaining new ones through social networking. Both the Apple and Android stores

PHP Subscribers Mailing List
by CrimsonGore in Programming Languages

I need to create a mailing list for an Alumni site I am building. Below is how I'd ideally like the mailing list to function.

The User
The user would go to the website, enter their email address (and possibly First/Last name) into the field(s), click on the Subscribe button and then get a verification message (either via pop up, redirect, or email message).

The Site

Does socket.io broadcast to subscribers only?
by SperglordActual in Development Tools & Services

Please examine the server-side code below. Assuming that data.id is abc77 at some instant, will every connected browser receive a socket message 'my_model/abc77:update', or only the ones that have subscribed to this particular message, regardless of whether the socket.io event is raised or not?

To clarify, using a practical application: will a hacker be able to receive the message '

Get Facebook application subscribers
by davidar in Mobile Programming

Let's suppose I have a Facebook application with ID: XXXXXX

Is there a way to get its subscribers who are already in my friends list?

Can JMS Durable Subscribers be grouped for HA?
by kranky in Programming Languages

I'm wondering if the following is possible with any JMS broker.

We have N instances of a service that run in a clustered mode. Each instance has a JMS durable subscriber which handles business events from a topic.

The question is: Is it possible to configure those subscribers so only one of them will receive an event? (basically, that the group of durable subscribers be

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