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How to Pick a Bathing Suit to Suit Your Figure
by Olympian Last in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Bathing suits come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. They are designed to accommodate all different body types -- apple, pear, boy-shape and hourglass -- so when wearing a bathing suit the look is flattering, not devastating. Choosing the right suit starts by knowing the shape of your body and giving yourself the time to try on a variety of different bathing suits. If you need a second o

What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Suit & a Business Suit?
by Vick Aita in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Men’s fashion dictates wearing suits for social or professional occasions such as weddings, formal parties, dinners and business meetings. Suits come in many styles and materials that are paired with a range of complementary accessories including shirts, ties, cuff links and cummerbunds, generally falling into the category of wedding or business suits. Wedding Suit DescriptionAlthough wed

Zoot Suit vs. Victory Suit
by Blunc in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Although men's clothing isn't characterized by as many drastic changes of silhouette as the dress, suit styles can still be noticeably quite different. While the zoot suit and "Victory" suit were both worn during the World War II years, they both looked and stood for opposite things. The "Victory" suit was conceived of as part of the conservationist war effort, with no excess fabric or embellishme

How Does a Woman's Suit Differ From a Man's Suit?
by Jorgemr in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
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How to Make a Single-Breasted Suit Into a Double-Breasted Suit
by Per in Hobbies, Games & Toys
You don't need a pricey tailor or a fancy sewing machine to make simple alterations to an ill-fitting suit. If a single-breasted jacket fits well across your back but gapes or bags in the front, converting it to double-breasted can elevate your look from sloppy to sleek. All you need are a few simple and inexpensive hand sewing supplies --- chalk, pins, buttons and thread.Difficulty:Moderately Eas

How Does a Dry Suit Differ From a Wet Suit?
by cheese_doodle in Sports & Fitness
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How to Fix a Suit
by TheStu in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
An intact, good-fitting, stylish suit is a necessary piece in any man's wardrobe. For work, weddings, funerals and court appearances, a suit is attractive and versatile. Good suits should last a while, but over time, they may tear, wear down or otherwise require fixing. Some repairs involve mending rips and holes; others may be fixed by adjusting and tailoring. Be aware of the signs your suit need
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How to Buy Your First Suit
by hochi in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Wearing the right suit, especially if it's your first suit, is almost like wearing a suit of armor. It makes you feel powerful and confident: Like you can destroy small villages and slay three-headed dragons. People treat you with respect because you look the part. Of course, the best suit is the one that makes you feel the part as well. That's why you need to know how to actually buy a suit-from
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How to Dry a Wet Suit
by Veliko in Sports & Fitness
Scuba diving and water sports often require the use of a wetsuit. When swimming or diving, using a wetsuit protects the user from cold water temperatures and reduces the risk of hypothermia. Neoprene, the main material used for temperature regulation in a wetsuit, traps warmth between the user and the wetsuit while diving in cold water. Getting the most use out of your wetsuit requires regular mai
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How to Buy a Men's Suit
by undeinpirat in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Every man should own at least one nice suit. Whether you only need one just for weddings and funerals, or are working in an industry that still requires business attire, suits make people take you seriously. Whether you're a first-time purchaser, or you already own a complete wardrobe, you need a plan to navigate this sartorial minefield with confidence and ease.Instructions Choose a FabricWhen
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