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What is a Surname?
by frozentundra123456 in Culture & Society
A surname is another word for your last name or family name, such as Jones or Smith. Surnames allow us to trace our genealogy back through time to create a family tree. Surnames are usually passed down through male relatives. Patronymic SurnamesMost societies follow a patronymic model, meaning a woman changes her family name to her husband's surname after marriage. Children also receive their f
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How to Add a Second Surname
by mndoci in Legal
You need one of two legal documents to change your surname -- a marriage certificate or a decree from a court. In California, the decree is called a "Decree Changing Name." Because civil courts in most localities are crowded and slow, the fastest way to add a second surname is with a marriage certificate. In all locations in the United States, you may apply to add your spouse's surname to yours
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How to separate name and surname
by pankaj in Programming Languages

I have code name and surname put into same string with coma in the middle ,as "JohnSmith"

I need to insert into database to separate

Can you show me how to code that please.



RegexValidator for name and surname
by Prasant Jain in Programming Languages

How should like a regex which validates the name and surname, so that each word starts with a capital letter?
this does not work: @"[^A-Z]?[a-z]*"


How to Connect With a Surname
by Rit Li in Relationships & Family
The growing trend of online virtual family reunions has been sparked by surname connections and at-home cheek swab DNA tests. Your surname, which, according to Merriam-Webster, is "the name borne in common by members of a family," is an excellent place to start discovering family genealogy connections. However, it could lead to to dead ends because surnames are not always passed down, and marriage

How to Find Out Where Your Surname Comes From
by rainy in Relationships & Family
Surnames are given to mostly everyone at birth, as they help identify each person's belonging to their family. Also known as a persons last name, a surname can help a person learn a lot about their family's history and origins. Finding out where a surname comes from can be done by gathering family information, then using local resources or the Internet to complete the findings. Once the origins of

How to Pluralize a Surname With an S at the End
by slpnshot in Education
Proper nouns that end in the hard "z" sound or the letter "s" have earned a reputation for being difficult to pluralize. Many make the mistake of adding an apostrophe before or after the "s" at the end of a last name that ends in "s" to try to pluralize it. That will only create a possessive form. The plural is formed on many names that end in "s" by adding -es or doing nothing.Difficulty:EasyInst

How to Change My Son's Surname
by PsyberMonkey in Legal
Parents have many reasons for changing a child's surname, from legal adoption to wanting the child's last name to match a parent's. If both parents agree, the parent will typically navigate the name change process successfully. Unfortunately, the process is not an easy one for divorced parents in most states, because the other parent must agree to the change, and the court must make the final deci
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How to Translate My Surname
by PenguinPower in Home & Garden
No matter what your last name, also called your surname, actually is, it probably has an equivalent in another language. Translating a last name into another language can be accomplished using relatively the same process you use to translate a regular word. You just need to use a resource that allows you to translate your last name from English into the language you want.Difficulty:EasyInstructio

Surname Resources
by Dannar26 in Relationships & Family
If you are interested in genealogy or family history, you may want to spend time studying your surname (last name). By exploring your surname, you locate information related to your paternal lineage. You can also locate people who share your surname to find out more about your surname's origins. Resources such as surname websites, DNA organizations, family associations and genealogical magazines a

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