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Handle Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Swipe Left & Swipe Right Gestures in a WinRT app
by chetansha in Programming Languages

I have the following code:

public MainPage()
this.ManipulationStarting += MainPage_ManipulationStarting;
this.ManipulationStarted += MainPage_ManipulationStarted;
this.ManipulationInertiaStarting += MainPage_ManipulationInertiaStarting;
this.ManipulationDelta += MainPage_ManipulationDelta;

How to remove subview added in other TableView cell when tap on one cell, in Custom swipe (instead of swipe to delete) Cell (swipe to mail/sms)
by dlouzan in Mobile Programming

In my iPhone UITable view application

I need to add Two Buttons when user swipes on table view Cell / Row.

One for Compose mail button one for Send sms button to the contacts.

I implemented following code to add Send Mail (Blue Cloud Button) only for now

//Add a left swipe gesture recognizer in view Did load

Repositioning by adding scrollTo() when Swipe callback fired with swipe.js
by vferman in Web Design

I am using the original swipe.js (http://swipejs.com/) for my mobile site, so navigating my mobile site is as simple as swiping. However, instead of using the swipe.js for its original intention by using images that are all of the same size in the slides I am using page content which makes the slides various heights.

The problem here being when if I scroll halfway down any given 'pa

iCarousel - Two-finger swipe rather than one-finger swipe
by Paul J Warner in Operating Systems

I'm using iCarousel in one of my iOS projects and I must say it's an excellent piece of work.


I have a problem though - I'd like to use one-finger swipes for drawing on the UIView and two-finger swipes to switch / move between UIViews.

Is there an easy way out to achieve this ?


How to Fix Screen Swipe on a Mac
by DesiPower in Computers
The screen swipe on your Mac OSX computer refers to the speed at which the mouse moves across the screen. If you are having problems with the screen swipe going too slow or too fast, you can change the settings through the System Preferences window on your OSX system. Having a mouse swipe that is comfortable is essential to keeping your system productive. You don't have to download a third-party a
TAGS : Screen Swipe

How to swipe only certain elements?
by KaoFloppy in Programming Languages

I have several divs, but they are semantically not connected. Therefore I want to have several sets of divs.


I want to be able to swipe left and right between {1,2,3,4,5}. Some of those pages have a button, which should open (with the slideup page transition) the subpages. For example a button in 4 would slide up page 4.1.

Monodroid swipe
by David Colebatch in Programming Languages

I need to implement swipe for my application. Meanwhile i find lots of examples on how to do this in Android, it's quite the opposite with Monodroid. I'm having problems converting java code to c# and the mondroid documentation is just crap! Cant find anything about onFling or similar approaches.

Anyone that can point me in the right direction, maybe a tutorial or code snippet?

TAGS : Monodroid swipe

What Is a Swipe File?
by Lucas Thompson in Business
Copywriters and marketers use a swipe file to pool snippets from effective advertising campaigns. They can then refer to this swipe file whenever inspiration lags or to see if their idea has already been tried. As copywriting and marketing rely on generating direct sales results, knowing which elements work in an ad or promo helps save precious marketing dollars and helps professionals craft a win
TAGS : What Swipe File

I can't get ViewPageIndicator to swipe
by slpnshot in Programming Languages

i have created a new project and included the HoloEveryWhere library. Then I decided to add the ViewPageIndicator.
I copied all the code from ViewPageIndicator sample but it didn't work.
I tried using SherlockFragment but that didn't work either.
So I removed HoloEveryWhere from my project but apparently that wasn't

Right Swipe sometimes does not work
by Raphaël Slinckx in Operating Systems

I've an app, where the scrolling is done by swiping. Works more or less.

Well, my Code

UISwipeGestureRecognizer *oneFingerSwipeLeft = [[[UISwipeGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self action:@selector(foneFingerSwipeLeft:) ] autorelease];
[oneFingerSwipeLeft setDirection:UISwipeGestureRecognizerDirectionLeft];
[[self view] addGestureRecognizer:oneFinger

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