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How do I get a website switcher instead of store switcher?
by Navin in Development Tools & Services

How do I create a dropdown menu for switching websites and not just stores?

More specifically, I want to switch between Magento websites. There's a dropdown menu in a template for switching stores and one for switching languages, but there isn't one for switching websites.

How to Use a Video Switcher
by crooter in Electronics
A video switcher allows you to mix multiple camera feeds into a video production. Once you are comfortable with a video switcher, you can even add effects and transitions between live feeds to produce a professional and eye-catching viewing experience. For the correct video switcher, choose one that will accommodate the number of cameras you have and has compatible input/output ports for your feed
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How to Use a Proxy Switcher
by maximumbob in Internet
A proxy switcher is a program resident on your computer which will override the proxy settings on your networked applications and change the proxy used in networked applications. Some Switchers may require an add-on, or a plugin to be integrated into Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. In these cases you will be prompted at the time of installation.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Download your c
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DIY Guitar Amp Switcher
by Calve Martin in Arts & Entertainment
A guitar amp switcher, sometimes called an amp splitter, signal switcher, guitar switcher router or "A/B box," is a circuit that diverts the signal of the guitar in multiple directions, typically to two or more amplifiers. This enables you to blend the tone of the two amplifiers using only one guitar. It also permits you to have two separate effects chains, one running to the first amp and one run
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How to Use an HDMI Switcher
by jazzyfox in Electronics
A high definition multimedia interface, or HDMI, switcher is a device that you can use for connecting multiple HDMI high definition devices to one HDMI input. This is helpful if you only have one or two inputs on your TV or receiver but you have multiple devices you want to hook up, such as a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360 and a high definition DVD player. Switchers are available with a variety of in
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Language switcher in PHP
by DexNFx in PHP

I have made a site with classic php and mysql functions. I order to insert a language switcher, how can I change the language of site without duplicating site folder?
Thanks in advance

PHP language switcher?
by Matthiasa in Web Design

Does somebody knows a simple php language switcher. I'm not really a PHP savvy and I would like your help.

Thanks in advance.

How to Install a Gen D3 D2 Switcher
by Matthias in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The gaming hacker community has developed a number of hacking applications for the Sony PlayStation Portable, or PSP, gaming device, customarily referred to as "homebrews." These homebrew application allow you to play games from other game systems through built-in emulators or enhance the capability to play a wider range of native PSP games. Some native PSP games run more smoothly on the D2 versi
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DIY Guitar Switcher
by Jason Dockery in Arts & Entertainment
A guitar switcher is a device that can remotely engage and bypass a selected part of your effects signal chain. It permits you to route pedals or groups of pedals via its multiple outputs, so you can include and dismiss effects variously from your signal without physically removing them. The advantage here is that your guitar signal doesn't pass through multiple pedals that aren't in use. With a s
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How to Use an HDMI Switcher With a PS3
by Ernie in Home & Garden
An HDMI switcher is a type of electronic device that allows you to connect multiple devices to a single HDMI input on your TV. You plug several different devices (including a PlayStation 3) into the switcher and then plug the switcher into your TV. If you're using a switcher with a PS3, this requires two separate HDMI cables--one for each device.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
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